3 body lotions for people who don’t like body lotion

Because I actually don’t even like body lotion but these three are the exception

Bath & Body Works Sun-Ripened Raspberry Body Lotion: Obviously I’m a sucker for anything BBW Sun-Ripened Raspberry since it reminds me of my childhood; however, the fact that Bath & Body actually has the CLAIM that they’re “America’s #1 body lotion” didn’t just come out of nowhere. This stuff is, in fact, actually awesome.  Infused with shea butter and the brand’s Daily Moisture Complex, my skin has always (like since middle school) felt super soft and nourished after use. The top notes in this version: sun ripened raspberry (obvs), sparkling red apple, garden strawberry and juicy orange. #YUM.

Volition Beauty Illuminating Body Milk: I recently learned about this brand (read my review of their snail mucas eye cream, seriously) and am constantly impressed.  When I first opened this body milk at their press dinner I sat around a table and all of us instantly went “ooooooh” as we admired the shimmer, but the shimmer isn’t a VEGAS kind of shimmer don’t get too nervous.  The body milk boasts light-reflecting particles that are 40 times smaller and more refined than any others on the market and after you apply it to your skin (I highly recommend your décolletage), you’re left with a dewy, moisturized, soft, pearlized glow. It’s basically a highlighter for your body, if you had to sum it up in one line.

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Body Lotion: I know rose is a polarizing scent- some people hate it but I, personally, LOVE it. This indulgently fancy version from Molton Brown is blended with Italian rose oil, blackcurrant and rich patchouli- it just may be the fanciest rose body cream I’ve ever tried and every time you open the bottle you’re legit immersed in the intensely rich scent. Love. Love. Love.


7 thoughts on “3 body lotions for people who don’t like body lotion

  1. Oh, my my, The best body lotion I have ever used in my life till now. So much in love with Bath & body works products. I also have the same fragrance in my dressing. I have not only one piece of this I am having 6-7 lotions of the same company. This is like wow for my skin really. Giselle Stewart, I can understand but try at least once dear and you will definitely be going to love this product. Thanks for sharing this article. Best Wishes and Regards.

  2. Hey, great share! I am really facing an issue with drying of my skin, and I am looking for some useful creams that I can try to cure this. Thanks to you that you have shared such a great resources for moisturizing cream!

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