Things Making Me Happy: 8.8.22

glitter eye patch for Things Making Me Happy: 8.8.22

Because it’s a Monday…

Things Making Me Happy: 8.7.22

Glittery eye patches

You guys know I love eye patches, but these have GLITTER (pictured above) and they’re honestly just so fun.  As far as ingredients go, the cooling hydrogel patches use hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and real crystal extract to visibly reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles.

INC.redible Party Recharge Hydrating Hyaluronic Under Eye Masks, $20

Bama for Things Making Me Happy: 8.8.22

Bama #RushTok

It’s absolutely everywhere on TikTok (and even on Jezebel), and I honestly just can’t stop watching.  This is like my version of the football draft – I need to KNOW what house each girl gets into, what’s in their Rush Week bags, their OOTDs and, of course, watch the actives get into full on TikTok dance offs.  Search the hash tag but be warned…it’s VERY addictive.

saltair body wash for Things Making Me Happy: 8.8.22

A santal scented body wash

Saltair, a new-ish brand created by mega influencer Iskra (who I have a total girl crush on btw), is just IT.  So far I’ve tried their body lotion and body wash in various scents but the Santal Bloom scent is definitely my fave; I am a total sucker for anything with notes of sandalwood, FYI.  Formulated with biodegradable cleansing agents, this body wash is made with monoi oil, cupuaçu butter and kukui oil that intensely nourish the skin while ascorbyl glucoside and niacinamide help fade the look of dark spots.  Your skin won’t only be clean and soft, but it will also smell like santal heaven.  Oh, and the bottle is 1o0% aluminum, which is easily recycled and great for the planet.

Saltair Santal Bloom Body Wash, $12


A low calorie peanut butter

I never considered peanut butter an absolute necessity in my diet, but when I discovered this low calorie, low carb, low sugar version…well, it became one.  Honest to god – it tastes exactly like regular (aka full calorie) PB.  You won’t even know the difference.  I like to melt it down in a pan and then use it as a peanut sauce on noodles.

Own Your Hunger Peanut Butter Spread, $15

A great read

I’ve posted a few times on IG Stories about how much I really enjoyed Jacey’s book;  it’s just so vulnerable and you want to either give her a hug or a high five as you read, depending on the story.  She really gets into it with deeply personal stories about her family, her dad’s sobriety journey and, of course, a super honest insider look into the world of blogging.  It’s honestly a great read for anyone.

Liking Myself Back by Jacey Duprie, $20


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