3 Cat Themed Beauty Products I’m Obsessed With

three Cat Themed Beauty Products

Because I’m a cat lady, and I don’t care because they products are TOO CUTE…

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve likely seen my #Caturday posts where I post pics of my Gemma and Gea kitties. I mean, to say I love them is a total understatement, and so it shouldn’t be shocking that I’m super into these cat themed beauty products. How CUTE are these?

3 Cat Themed Beauty Products I’m Obsessed With

fragrance Cat Themed Beauty Products

Demeter Kitten Fur Cologne Spray

Granted, this perfume smells more like what kittens would smell like IF you bathed them in perfume but, nonetheless, it’s still a super refreshing and pretty scent.  I also really love the idea of answering “kitten fur” when asked “what perfume are you wearing?” #meow

face mask Cat Themed Beauty Products

Meow Meow Tweet Face Mask

Meow Meow Tweet is a new brand to me and, aside from having the cutest packaging, the products I’ve tried are totally awesome.  This face mask, in particular, is amazing for all skin types and made of organic pumpkin, fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, which aids in cell turnover and regulates sebum production, to brighten, even out and tone skin.

lip balm

Too Cool For School Max In Pocket Lip Balm

Now let’s talk about my new favorite tinted moisturizing lip balm.  This creamy, super-moisturizing lip balm really just mostly makes me smile when I look at it.  Formulated with shea butter and mango seed butter, it’s super hydrating on my lips but also gives just a hint of color, which I LOVE.  New purse staple, for sure.


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  2. This is dream come true as a fellow cat person,these products are sooo cute.And also Gemma and Gea looks adorable including you too.And the last question are there any cat themed hand creams available?

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