Organizing Your Face Masks

Organizing Your Face Masks

Because face masks aren’t going anywhere any time soon…

Organizing Your Face Masks

Organizing Your Face Masks

Earlier this month I saw something that brought true joy to me the minute I laid eyes on it – Jenn Falik’s face mask organizer.  Maybe it’s the fact that I binge watched Netflix’s The Home Edit in two days, maybe it’s the fact that I feel like I’m living in total chaos…either way, I knew I needed to create my very own face mask organizer station.

Not gonna lie…it took quite a bit of searching to find an acrylic organizer in the exact size I wanted, with the right size drawers, etc. but I’m super happy with the one that I found.  That said, I highly encourage you to find one on Amazon or on The Container Store’s site that makes sense for you and your needs.  Jenn has two kids and a husband so she needed more mask-size drawers, obviously.  Just make sure it works for you.

Organizing Your Face Masks

Top Shelf: Hand Sanitizer, Keys and Goggles

Megababe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer Pump:

Since I had some space on top, I added my absolute favorite hand sanitizer in pump form.  This FDA-approved version from Megababe doesn’t dry my hands out at ALL (seriously, and I apply it 20 times a day), AND it uses plant-based alcohol to kill 99.9% of germs (it also exceeds the CDC’s recommended 60% alcohol).

The germ-fighting gel is packed with nourishing botanicals, including sweet almond oil, Marula oil and aloe, to leave skin soft and smooth, not stripped. Bergamot and orange essential oils combine for the perfect light, citrusy scent.  For real – it’s the best that I’ve tried.

Protective goggles:

It’s a little extreme, I get it, but since COVID spreads through droplets in the air, I keep these goggles on hand in the case I have to go somewhere enclosed and/or with a lot of people.  So far I’ve only worn them to the UPS store, ha.


Since I need my mail key daily I keep it unattached from my regular keys, as to not spread any germs.

Acrylic organizer:

And, again, here is the acrylic organizer that I got but definitely find one in the size you want/has the drawer space that you need!

Organizing Your Face Masks

Top Drawers: Mask Chains and Necklaces

Sydne Summer mask necklaces:

My friend Sydne sells the prettiest mask necklaces so that you quickly pull down your face masks; she has tons of super cute designs to choose from, but I have:

Btw, my nail polish is Olive & June’s WKF and I’m obsessed with this shade of green.

Organizing Your Face Masks

Pretty Connected Shop:

My friend Lara literally invented the mask chain (seriously, she was the first) and I am obsessed with her new chains.  She sent me three new-ish designs and they are lightweight and just so chic.  I have:

Sydne Summer leopard print face mask.

Middle Drawer: Face Masks

I have a big assortment of face masks (and many in leopard print, natch) but my new favorite is one of Sydne’s latest fall launches: Sydne Summer leopard print face mask.

All of Sydne’s masks are made from breathable, soft, lightweight fabric. And they’re pleated with adjustable straps (just like your bra!). This allows you to customize and create a comfortable fit for your individual face shape.  They’re also made right here in LA and made from up-cycled, 100% cotton double-layered fabric. Which makes them obviously better for the environment AND Coronavirus safe.

Megababe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer

Bottom Drawers: Travel-Size Hand Sanitizer and Bug Spray

Megababe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer:

This is just a travel-friendly version of the bigger pump version I mentioned earlier. I bought a bunch of these to have on-hand, to keep in my purses, etc.

Kinfield Golden Hour bug spray:

This is clearly not COVID-related but I like keeping this DEET-free bug repellent next to my face masks since West Hollywood apparently now has a mosquito problem (#sigh).


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