3 cleansers that will seriously clean ALL the makeup off your face (and more)

Because you gotta get that sh*t off your face every single night

I go back and forth between my beloved makeup removing wipes and trying new cleansers that seem interesting to me and, believe it or not, it take a LOT for a cleanser to actually interest me. The requirements? An intersting new ingredient, intriguing clinical studies, bonus benefits aside from cleansing, etc. but I would be lying if I said that these three didn’t get my attention.  Here’s why…

Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub: The idea that this is baking soda-based caught my eye and now I’m HOOKED on this stuff- I keep it in my shower and actually look forward to using it when I’m in there.  The product comes out looking (surprise) like baking soda but when you add a few drops of water to it, it turns into a gentle, foamy scrub that exfoliates and clears out those pores.

Manuka Doctor ApiClear Purifying Facial Peel: Back in October I went to a Manuka Doctor event hosted by Kourtney Kardashian (read the interview HERE) and was instantly intrigued by this line.  Even though this product is exactly a CLEANSER (it’s actually a peel), I used it as a cleanser the first time I tried it (oops) and it did a bomb job getting off my makeup and making my skin feel squeaky clean and smooth.  The product combines purified bee venom and Manuka honey to lift off dead skin and stimulate cell renewal (aka new skin cells) in addition to cleaning out your pores. LOVE.  My skin was super smooth and clear after I used this stuff just one time.

Saturday Skin Rise + Shine Purifying Cleanser: K-beauty for the win, yet again.  Aside from the cute packaging, this cleanser uses apple and peach extracts to clean your skin and I love the rich and creamy texture of it, and how it pretty much melts into your skin on impact.  Clean your skin, minimize your pores and maybe also display this one on your bathroom shelf since it’s so pretty?


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