You Need to Try It: A Detox Deep Pore Treatment

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Because sometimes we all need a good detox…

Let’s talk detox deep pore treatments.  It’s not something you need to do often, but every few months or so I like to do a gentle deep pore cleansing and, let me tell you, it really does help to do a deep pore cleansing treatment to get you some glow-y and smooth skin.

People ask me all the time about my skin – don’t mean to brag – but it’s kind of my shining glory; yes, part of it is genetics, but it’s also because I do these kinds of deep pore cleansing treatments to help keep my skin hydrated, purified, and blackhead-free.

Detox Deep Pore Treatment – everything you need to know

Benefits Of Detox Deep Pore Treatment

It cleans out your pores

I don’t know about you, but nothing is better (ok, almost nothing) than that feeling of completely smooth, blackhead-free skin.

It detoxifies the skin

You probably don’t realize it, but your skin does hold dirt, debris and oil – doing a deep pore cleansing treatment WILL detoxify your skin and remove excess cell debris.

It will help with breakouts 

The goal here is really to reduce inflammation and remove debris (aka the stuff that causes breakouts.  When you do a gentle deep pore cleansing treatment on the reg, it helps prevent new breakouts from forming.

It reduces the appearance of large pores

Aside from just cleaning our your pores, doing some gentle deep pore cleansing will also help reduce the size of your pores – big pores no more.

How To Do A Deep Treatment To Detox Your Pores

Step 1: Double cleanse your skin

I like to start with an oil-based cleanser, which helps really melt away all that makeup.  After that, apply your favorite cream-based cleanser (my favorite kind cause they’re so soothing) for squeaky clean skin. Here are some cleansers that help you remove makeup!

Step 2: Steam

If you have an at-home steamer, great (this one from Dr. Gross is fab btw).  If not, you can DIY a good steam by simply boiling clean, filtered water in a pot on the stove.  Pour the boiled water into a bowl and then place a towel over your head before lowering your face over the bowl. Steam for about 10 minutes and done.

Step 3: Exfoliate 

Personally, I prefer/always recommend chemical exfoliators vs. physical since some physical scrubs can ruin your skin.  That said, if you can find a gentle physical scrub, I say you do you.  Apply said exfoliator of choice according to the product directions then wash off, if required.

Also, in place of a traditional exfoliator, you can also use my holy grail Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads – they’re a facial in a box.

Step 4: Apply a face mask

Since we’re going for a deep pore cleansing treatment here, you want to choose a face mask that works to detoxify but also soothe the skin; clay or mud formulated masks are an excellent choice for detoxifying since those ingredients work to draw out skin impurities, bacteria, debris, etc.  I’m legit in love with this volcanic sea clay detox mask from Mara (now available on Amazon cause #convenience) – it’s mineral-rich with Mediterranean sea clay, purifying kaolin clays and bentonite to gently clarify, exfoliate, remove toxins and unclog pores.  It’s great for sensitive skin, something I can’t say for all clay masks btw, since it has green tea, their signature algae blend, and honey as well.

Step 5: Apply a serum

Next up, apply your favorite serum with a jade roller or gua sha tool (here’s a set with both tools for $19!).  Take your time here and really massage it into your skin.  I’d go for one containing retinol or lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid.  This serum has a bunch and I love it.

Step 6: Moisturize

After your serum(s), apply a thick and creamy moisturizer and massage it gently and slowly on to your face.  You’ll need a really hydrating moisturizer here after all the detoxifying you just did. Make sure your skin doesn’t feel dry once you’re done!  My favorite: Sunday Riley’s ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream – it smells like ice cream but, even better, it has ceramides and coconut for the ultimate in facial hydration.

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The Best Pore Detoxifying Products


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