3 New-ish Dry Shampoos That Smell AMAZING

Because when I use these, I can’t stop smelling my hair…

Philosophy Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo: I’ve always been a fan of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace fragrance, so when they launched this dry shampoo I knew it would be a new fave.  The hair refresher doesn’t just soak up greasy roots, but it also give you a little oomph of texture with that classic Amazing Grace scent of bergamot and musk; it’s feminine and clean.

OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam: You guys know I’m a big fan of OUAI already, but my friend Gaby invited me to be her plus one to an event when Jen Atkin (founder of OUAI) partnered up with Slip on a project. I got this buzzed-about dry shampoo FOAM in the gift bag and tried it immediately. It IS a little intimidating, foam form and all, since it kind of looks like you’re making your greasier when you put it on your roots. Then, like magic, it dries and your hair is totally amazing- kinda like you just showered, but with out the water, shampoo and conditioner. It’s my go-to for second or third-day hair (you know you do it too) and I even used it when I was a groomswoman in my friend’s wedding and woke up to less-than-amazing, kinda greasy hair. That’s trust, man.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Dry Shampoo: I’ve used the black version of this dry shampoo before and loved it, but only recently tried the white version!  This fine fragrance dry shampoo combines hair-refreshing technology (water-free micro powder is enriched with natural rice starch) with the captivating, luxurious fragrance of Nirvana White (and it IS really amazing, btw).  Nirvana White Dry Shampoo is fortified with style-extending proteins, rose root extract for anti-oxidant protection, and pro-vitamin B to nourish the hair for strength, shine, and bounce.


2 thoughts on “3 New-ish Dry Shampoos That Smell AMAZING

  1. The choice to not take a shower if I need to wash my hair is a complete yes for me! Actually, I wasn’t a believer until I’ve tried them and for me, it really works.

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