3 New-ish Dry shampoos that I love

3 new-ish dry shampoos that I love
Because dry shampoo is the best beauty invention of the century…

I’ve never been one of those magical unicorn girls who can go days, if not a week, with out washing my hair, even when I try OH SO HARD to not wash my hair, trust me.  Since using dry shampoo can (sometimes) help me go three days with out washing (as opposed to every other day), I’m always on the hunt for the next big “thing.”  The dry shampoo that will blow my mind and make me want to buy stock in their company…know what I mean?  Here are three new-ish dry shampoos that I’m really into as of late:

JOICO Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo: This version is fast drying and leaves zero residue.  Aluminum starch absorbs excess oil and, of course, brushes out easily for fresh, bouncy hair. Love it.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo:  Living Proof is known for its fab hair products so when they came out with their first dry shampoo the beauty world went NUTSO, to say the least.  This dry shampoo absorbs oil, sweat, and odor for ultra-clean hair, plus it has a time-released fragrance that delivers a light, clean scent all day.  The patented OFPMA molecule in this formula reduces the surface friction on hair—leaving virtually no visible residue or powdery build-up—making it easy to remove the powder. Odor neutralizers eliminate unwanted smells too, so if you use this stuff after a workout you’re totally in luck…just sayin’.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo:  The first fine fragrance dry shampoo that refreshes, volumizes, and texturizes while perfuming hair with the addictive fragrance of Nirvana Black, created by none other than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Lightly scented with Nirvana Black’s addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla, Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo is fortified with style-extending proteins, rose root extract for antioxidant protection, and pro-vitamin B to nourish the hair for strength, shine, and bounce.


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