6 Innovative Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now


Because I love the idea of spray-on blush (and these five other products) because they’re pretty genius…


Bairly Sheer Spray-On Blush: I was a little bit scared of the idea of spray painting my makeup on, at first glance, but now I’m 100% SOLD.  As someone who doesn’t really wear blush on the regular, I love the way this spray-on version is actually surprisingly blend able and sheer and you don’t need to blend it!!! (aka the best part).


L’Oreal Paris Infallible Two-Step Nail Polish: Since applying a top coat to your manicure is pretty crucial (and, admittedly, I often skip it due to laziness), it only makes SENSE that you would design a polish where the two steps are connected.  How is it that no one ever figured this out before?!  My favorites include: 24-Carat (bronze metallic), Red Infallible (red, obviously) and Forever Candy (fuchsia).


Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant: Just like the spray-on blush, at first glance/try I was a little resistant to the idea of a spray on deodorant.  But, ladies, I am now OFFICIALLY HOOKED.  Sure, the first spray or two definitely got in my hair (it smells nice, so whatever), but I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE the fact that this spray is 100% clear, which means NO DEODORANT STAINS.  I used to think there was something wrong with me because I don’t think I’ve ever worn one top or dress that didn’t eventually get that ring of white around the armpit…but no more of that, starting last week when I tried this spray for the first time. Obsessed doesn’t even express my feelings.  Mind you, I didn’t even mention the fact that you stay dry for up to 48 hours AND it also contains 1/4 moisturizers so it’s also really good for your skin.


MUA Professional Amp-Up Adjustable Impact Mascara: Let’s talk about customization. I’m loving the fact that you can actually choose what kind of lashes you want with one ONE mascara.  A quick twist of the wand reveals either natural, length enhancing, length and volume OR maximum volume (my own personal favorite).


Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse: I’m usually more of a gel cleanser kind of girl but I tried this cleansing mousse the other night and was shocked at home great my skin looked and gelt immediately after. It’s lightly whipped, silky formula uses a blend of botanical oils to remove any dirt and makeup off of your face and, let me tell you, my skin looked on fleek (as the kids say).


Benefit Air Patrol: Fact- one of the worst sunburns that I’ve ever had was actually ON my eyelid (spring break senior year of college- don’t ask).  That wonderful memory aside, in addition to giving your eyelids SPF 20 protection, Air Patrol also guards eyelids from smoke and other pollutants AND works as a primer so that eyeshadow stays on longer and smoother.  Oh, and as a nice bonus, the tip of this baby (pink, natch) is a tip that I just. can’t. stop. squeezing.  You will love it.


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