9 Things I bought on Amazon Getting Me Through Quarantine

9 Things I bought on Amazon Getting Me Through Quarantine

Because I’m just taking this quarantine one day at a time…

When I was putting together this post (I.e. going through my Amazon purchases since March), I realized that the things I’ve been purchasing haven’t been very glamorous, lol. I guess it makes sense, right?  When you literally don’t leave your home/outside area then you really just want items that make you feel comfortable or make your life just a tad more pleasant while you await a vaccine.  But I digress 🙂

Here are nine of my favorite Amazon purchases since March – I’d love to hear what kind of things you’ve been buying! Tell me in the comments below.

9 Things I bought on Amazon Getting Me Through Quarantine

1-) Ryan Porter Candles Yo, I can’t Adult Today candle:

I originally saw this candle on TikTok (follow me @itsJamieStone if you’re not already) and thought it was funny.  My whole quarantine mood is this candle, really.  Then I got sucked in by the product description – sold, lol.  “This fine cucumber melon blend will take you right back to the 90s, before adulting was ever a concern or reasonable consideration–when times were good and simple for a babe. Light this up and get yourself cozy when the stresses of adult life seem like just a little too much to bear–because babe, you earned it.”  YES I DO. YOU DO, TOO.

2-) Eat. Cook. L.A.:

I’m sure you’ve seen some of my recent food posts and a lot of them are inspired by meals I love from LA-based restaurants (recreate Zinque’s Le Bowl and La Scala’s Chicken Chopped Salad).  That said, this book exceeded my expectations…I want to make basically everything in this book and a lot of actually seems pretty intense as far as skillset, so it will be a nice challenge for me 🙂 The book has 100 recipes from LA based restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops, cocktail lounges, food trucks, and hole-in-the-wall gems.

3-) Chili oil with crunchy garlic:

I always see people posting the Trader Joe’s version of this on IG so I wanted to find a version that I could have delivered right to my door…and it’s BOMB. Like where has this stuff been all my life?!  I put it on everything – whole wheat toast, pasta, veggies, etc. It just adds such a pop of flavor and crunch.

4-) 3-pack of undies:

I constantly joke that I ran out of underwear about two months ago and that is 100% true. Of course, I do have an emergency g-string or two saved just in case I do have to wear underwear for something specific…naturally. I know how insane this sounds as I type it but, I mean, why  do I have to wear underwear in quarantine, right?  That said, I did buy two packs of these back in April and they are fab – super comfy and I’m stopping myself from buying more until I actually do laundry.

5-) Herb keeper:

Another one of those “where has this been all my life” moments!  I hate, hate, hate buying herbs and then watching them turn brown two days later.  My exact version is sold out but the one I linked is very similar and I love it.  My mint and rosemary is still going strong after about three weeks!

6-) Panda Planner:

I’ve been using/testing out this planner since early 2020 and, I have to say, it’s probably the best I’ve ever used to-date.  I love that it has spots for daily gratitude, an affirmation and even exercise in addition to your schedule and actual tasks for the day.  The whole premise is to really narrow down your “must-do” list, topping it off at five things tops. Doable, and not overwhelming.  I highly recommend this planner, guys.

7-) ChomChom pet hair remover:

This one is absolutely a MUST if you have a cat or dog (or both).  I got served an Instagram ad for it and I am 100% obsessed because it is hands-down the best pet hair remover tool that I’ve tried. Ever. And I’ve tried many.  The best part? It doesn’t require any kind of refill stickies or batteries!

8 -) Black lava salt:

Since I’ve been making my own skinny margaritas (and getting pretty good at it, if I do say so myself), I wanted to mix it up and try some black salt…also, #aesthetic.  Funny enough, this lava salt is from Iceland, where I went in 2017 and didn’t buy any lava salt. LOL. Now I know for next time: buy allll the Icelandic salts.  This salt, in particular, is blended with activated charcoal from volcanic lava stones to give you a unique salt that has a detoxifier and health benefits included.

9-) Calvin Klein cotton bralette:

Lastly, I bought this bra in black and I LOOOOOVE it. It’s so comfy and I feel like a very chic IG model when I wear it.  Sadly the black is sold out but I also love the grey (linked).


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