A Brazilian Blowout “Light”

Brazilian blowout light

“Smooth sailing” isn’t really a phrase that I’ve ever used in reference to my hair…

While getting my hair styled at a recent photo shoot (still top secret, sorry), I was chatting with Michelle Schindler of The Chris McMillan Salon about how annoying my hair is.  I’ve got frizz, yet my hair is fine and has damage due to years of bleaching my hair blonde and flat ironing.

At least three times a year someone tells me “you should get a Brazilian blow out!”  and this is what goes through my head:

Were you not listening to me?  My hair is FINE.  So, what you’re telling me is that I should get a treatment that will make my hair even FINER than it already is since it will just make my hair lay super flat against my head?!  You don’t get me.

I usually end up just saying something like “oh, I’ve tried that before and it just made my hair really flat” since I don’t need to unload years of hair frustration onto a virtual stranger.  Well Michelle had a reply that I had never heard before…she explained that she can just do a “light” version on my hair, that way it wouldn’t make my hair too flat but I would still get the frizz-reducing benefits.  HOW did I never think of this before?  I guess I had always assumed that you couldn’t control the quantity and that it was an all-or-nothing kind of process, but I was 100% wrong.

The result? What’s really cool is that when you do the “light” version, it takes literally 20 minutes….like, you could go during your lunch break kind of fast, and the results are instantaneous.  It was a tad bit alarming to see my hair SO flat because part of the process is that the stylist has to iron the crap out of your hair in order to activate the product.  My hair hasn’t been that flat since 2004 and it always makes me feel like a 31-year old trying to re-live my college glory days BUT, flashbacks aside, once I washed my hair (two days later) I was THRILLED with the results.  Definitely flatter but also a LOT SMOOTHER.
Normally I have to blow dry my hair and then flat iron the “problem areas” with the most frizz which, for me, is the back of head and front pieces around my face.  The back of my head is definitely the most damaged and after the light Brazilian I only had to iron it for about 15 seconds and it was good to go.  Normally it takes at least five or six swipes, causing a lot of damage.  I’m sold.


1. If you sweat or get your hair wet, blow dry or flat iron it straight in those areas
2. If you get any kinks, bends or curls, make sure to flat iron them out
3. Don’t wash for 48 hours
NOTE: The rules only apply while the product is still in your hair
What do you guys think?!  Have you/would you ever tried a Brazilian blow out?

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  1. Hi, would love to pass this info along to my hairdresser here in Miami. Can you give more details about the “light” Brazilian process? Did you only blowdry the product?

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