A Little Too Much Podcast #15: Paige DeSorbo, Bravo’s Summer House

Paige DeSorbo podcast

Because we all need a little break from what’s going on and I’m obsessed with Bravo’s Summer House

This week Jamie talks to Paige DeSorbo, co-star of Bravo’s hit show Summer House. You can listen to the full episode HERE.

Jamie and Paige share what was just the right amount of too much this week and their quarantine beauty product favorites.

They then, of course, get into all things Bravo Summer House. Paige DeSorbo talks about her fight with Lindsay and addresses whether or not she meddled with Hannah and Luke’s relationship. They then talk about how awful the people on Twitter can be how this season she’s received more troll comments (and how she’s dealing with that drama). After that they share their thoughts on Jessica from Love Is Blind and Scheana from Vanderpump Rules, and then get straight into Paige’s pantry make out sessions with Carl last summer.

After that Jamie asks Paige about all things Jordan and whether or not she thinks he’s in the closet (not to be confused with the pantry). Paige gives her take on the Jordan and Jules situation and what she would’ve done differently.

Paige then answers a few questions from Jamie’s followers like what surprises her about Carl and whether or not she thinks Jules should’ve been kicked out of the house. She talks about the whole “finger bang” inside joke, Amanda quitting her full time job for Lover Boy, her honest opinion on Lindsay, and the Lindsay and Carl situation. We end the episode with a “Summer House” themed game of word association and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Things we mention:

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