The 4 Best Facials I’ve Had in Los Angeles

woman experiencing one of the Best Facials in Los Angeles

Because I’ve had a LOT of facials and these are the best…

(updated 9/28/23)

I’ve officially lived in LA for 13 years (!) as of September 1 and I seriously can’t believe how fast the time has flown by.  Two apartments, three jobs, endless awful dates, but I digress.  During said 13 years I’ve probably had dozens of facials and, today, I’m talking about the best of the best.  🙂

The 4 Best Facials in Los Angeles

Ambassade Biologique Recherche

I had the pleasure of being treated to a custom Biologique Recherche facial at their absolutely stunning Los Angeles spa location and, my god, what a treat. I actually had my first BR facial back in 2008 when I did PR for the brand while still living in NYC (feels like another life time!), and that was when I was officially hooked on how amazing their products truly are. But this facial? TOP KNOTCH. You start off by having your skin evaluated, and I don’t just mean they look at it – they use a special machine to actually test your skin’s elasticity, hydration, etc. and then your aesthetician customizes a facial treatment specifically for you.

You must try their P50 (talk to their team to see which version is best for your skin type).

Ambassade Biologique Recherche, West Hollywood

Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic one of the Best Facials in Los Angeles

Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic

I met Sonya at one of her press events many, many years ago and we just instantly clicked.  She’s not only absolutely kind and hilarious, but she’s also very, very good at all things skincare and skincare treatments.  Getting a facial with Sonya is an honest gift; you will leave smoother, glowing, and with some good old fashioned Sonya life advice.  I love my “west coast mom.”  P.S. Gwyneth is also a fan and, as a bonus, you can hang out on Sonya’s insanely gorgeous rooftop (above) after your facial.

You must try her Blue Butterfly Balm and the iconic Organic Omega Oil, trust me on this.

Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic, Beverly Hills

Flora Mirabilis one of Best Facials in Los Angeles

Flora Mirabilis

I had my first full post-COVID facial at Flora Mirabilis and, let me tell you, WHAT A TREAT (you can watch over on my TikTok).  Esthetician Jordan LaFragola started out at the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel, and her technique was so popular with clients that she went off on her own.  You start off by getting a skin analaysis, followed by a cleanse, a second cleanse, steaming, a clay and apple cider vinegar exfoliant, gentle extractions (boy did I need it), a matcha green tea and powdered marshmallow mask, a neck and shoulder massage (!), lymphatic drainage, a long facial massage using the brand’s amazing face oil, gua sha sculpting and, finally, a cold towel (it feels fantastic, btw).  Jordan sells her amazing Face Oil and Gua Sha tool as well – believe me, you will want to leave with these.

Aside from the actual amazing facial, her studio is located at Charlie Chaplin’s former home; it feels like you’re stepping into a little Hollywood oasis that also brings old Hollywood charm into play.

Flora Mirabilis, Hollywood

Kate Somerville Clinic one of the Best Facials in Los Angeles

Kate Somerville Clinic

Truth be told- I haven’t had a facial at Kate Somerville in awhile but, my god, their treatments are really, really good (see my blog post about my Kate Somerville back facial HERE).  Kate not only creates super effective skincare products, but she also has tons of celebrity clients who frequent the beautiful (truly, it’s gorgeous) Melrose Place clinic – ahem, cough – Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Olivia Wild and Eva Mendes.

My product faves: ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer, EradiKate Acne Treatment (it’s got 10% sulfur, which is the best), and the +Retinol Firming Eye Cream.

Kate Somerville Clinic, Los Angeles and New York City

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Photo by Azusa Takano

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