Here’s Why You Should Be Getting Back Facials

Heres Why You Should Be Getting Back Facials

Because your back is just as important as your face…

Here’s Why You Should Be Getting Back Facials

For some reason, I feel like no one talks about back facials. We all know about FACE facials obviously but, when you think about it, if we’re constantly exfoliating and treating our faces, why NOT do the same to our back, right?!  I recently got a back facial at Kate Somerville’s Skin Clinic here in LA and I feel like a new person…for real.  I don’t typically have issues with acne of any kind, but I noticed I was oddly getting weird breakouts on my shoulders and upper back so I knew I was overdue for my yearly back facial and it’s kind of funny that I’ve never blogged about back facials before!

Here’s why they’re awesome:

Back facials are great for cleansing and treating those tough-to-reach spots; we’re talking, they will help any clogged pores (i.e. acne) or even super dry patches on your back.  Personally, I try to do these once a year and I SWEAR, my back always feels super clean, hydrated and smooth.  If you have consistent issues with back acne (i.e. bacne), then these could actually be life-saving for you since the aesthetician can help make sure that your pores are clear, which will prevent future breakouts from forming.  “Aside from the face, the back is one of the most common areas to have acne,” explains Kate Somerville, founder of Kate Somerville skincare and Skin Clinic.  “The back is really difficult to reach on your own, so I wanted to offer my clients a service that could help treat their bacne.”

What exactly happens?

Really the same stuff that happens when you get a regular facial.  The aesthetician will start by cleansing your back (just to get any lotion or debris off), followed by a steam (though I didn’t do steam at Kate’s clinic) and if you have any blackheads they’ll then do extractions.  After that you get a deep cleansing mask or treatment, followed by exfoliation.  Once you’re scrubbed down, they’ll apply a light moisturizer and maybe even SPF if your skin will be exposed to the sun later that day. Depending on your issues or needs, they can also even do LED therapy to kill bacteria and/or help with damage – it just depends on what your skin is up to, just like with regular facials.

What do you guys think? Have I sold you on the occasional back facial?


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