But what happens after my eggs are retrieved?

procedure of my eggs are retrieved

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I spent most of April documenting my egg-freezing journey.  And, let me tell you, freezing my eggs was expensive. It was mentally and physically draining on my body (blog post on the whole experience coming soon).  Today, I want to talk about what happens AFTER the eggs are retrieved – if I’m being honest, this process isn’t something I even thought to ask about. 

But what happens after my eggs are retrieved?

TMRW Life Sciences, a really cool/innovative company, reached out when they saw that I was documenting my egg freezing journey. TMRW shared info on their ground-breaking tech, which digitally tracks your frozen eggs and reduces the potential for human error during the freezing and storing process. Yes, mistakes always happen. But they happen a lot more when there are loads of manual steps involved. I can’t imagine discovering that my eggs were misplaced or even lost (or damaged)!

Why do we need TMRW’s technology?

Up until now, the way fertility clinics manage our frozen eggs and embryos has remained pretty much the same since they were originally used in the livestock industry decades ago. Read that again. DECADES! We’re talking handwritten labels, and human beings filling and monitoring tanks that the eggs are stored in. This whole thing is full of room for human error. 

TMRW comes along and digitally identifies your frozen eggs and embryos, uniquely linking your cells to you and massively reducing the opportunity for mistakes or losses. By using their technology, clinics can remove many manual steps, helping make the whole process so much safer. Even better, they’re watching 24/7, making sure your eggs or embryos are always safe.

Because so many people are choosing to have families using IVF, fertility clinics worldwide are actively managing and storing literally millions of frozen fertility cells (and counting). Think about that, millions of frozen eggs or embryos all over the world still being managed by hand and with paper logs. 

The bottom line…

Ask your clinic if they have TMRW.  Or, to find a clinic with TMRW, click here.

What do you guys think? Comment below and let me know.


This post was sponsored by TMRW Life Sciences, but all opinions are my own – as per usual!

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