How to Sheet Mask Like Jax Taylor On a Budget

sheet mask on a budget

Because I’m a newbie Vanderpump Rules fan and I also love a good sheet mask…


Purple Hair Don’t Care

nicole richie purple hair

NICOLE RICHIE is just freaking awesome in my book.  I’m obsessed with her style, her show, Candidly Nicole (and if you haven’t seen it then you need to) and now, her purple hair.  She did a nice little fake out on Instagram before actually dying her hair purple, and I give her props for that cause we all love a good prank…but then I got to thinking about how you actually upkeep candy colored hair.  I have a hard enough time with my blonde hair and can’t imagine having to deal with anything more than I already do.  So, who can actually rock purple hair?  I turned to one of my favorite colorists in the biz, GEORGE PAPANIKOLAS, Matrix Celebrity Hairstylist and also the guy who occasionally gives me the BEST balayage.

“Anyone who is fashion forward (can rock it); Considering purple hair doesn’t happen in nature, you don’t need to be too concerned with your skin tone, but you will need to adjust your makeup. Too much and you can start to look like a clown. Nicole tends to keep her make-up natural, which is a nice combination,” says George.  And, turns out, I was right when it comes to maintenance.  “The upkeep is a full time job,” says George.  “The roots need retouching every few weeks, and the pastel toner every few days, otherwise it turns into an uneven platinum blonde.”

I’ll admit that I’m intrigued by the pastel hair color trend, especially since I’m a big Gwen Stefani fan and she basically had hot pink hair for years, but I think for now I’m gonna stick with blonde…though, I seriously love purple hair Nicole.

Lupita Nyong’o Gives Ellen Her Lip Balm

Lupita Nyong'o Gives Ellen Her Lip Balm

To be honest, I missed most of the THE OSCARS last night due to the fact that I was on a flight back from Miami…and no, I didn’t fly JetBlue or Virgin, so there was no live TV (boooo). By the time I got home, I was exhausted and really just reading through PR pitch emails to decide who I was going to feature as my number one beauty look (Jessica Biel won), but I had the end of the show on in the background.  It was right about the time Ellen started collecting pizza money that I looked up because, I mean, how funny is that?  She approached LUPITA NYONG’O, who clearly didn’t have any cash on her (why would she?), when I saw it happen: she gave Ellen her lip balm.

As a former publicist, I immediately thought “OH MY GOD, THAT BRAND IS SOOOO LUCKY.  Hello, free celebrity spokesperson!”

So what was the lucky brand?  CLARINS.  Lupita handed Ellen Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, which simultaneously started the hash tag #LupitasLipbalm, also selling out the product overnight.  Don’t worry it’s back in stock if you click the below image:

Three Questions With Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski

Fact: BRAD GORESKI is one of the most likable guys in fashion.  If you watched The Zoe Project and then Brad’s spin-off, It’s a Brad Brad World, then you’re probably just as obsessed with him as I am and so when SUAVE offered me the chance to ask Brad a few questions, I naturally jumped at the chance.  Brad decided to partner with the beauty brand because he loves the glamour of the red carpet and awards season, and they’ve introduced products this year that embody just that.

Q: Can you tell us any insider info on who you’re styling for the Oscars and other awards shows that are coming up? 

A: I styled Lara Dern and Jenna Dewan-Tatum for the (Oscars) awards show last night. For Laura I chose a soft petal pink. Seeing her in such a romantic color was really exciting for me. It was a very edgy but beautiful. For Jenna we were going for a glamorous princess moment. As soon as she put this gown on we knew this was the one. It incorporated everything I love to see in a red carpet gown—drama, glitter and of course radiant, glowing skin. 

Q: Who’s your style inspiration right now and why? 

A: I would say Jared Leto. He’s got a coolness to his personality that seems to radiate through his personal look. Everything’s just so in sync. I also love Diane Kruger—she always seems to nail it no matter what she’s wearing. She’s got that ‘cool girl’ mentality that I love.

Q: If you could give your 22-year-old-self any advice, what would it be? 

A: It would be to enjoy your 20s but the best is yet to come!


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