How to Sheet Mask Like Jax Taylor On a Budget

sheet mask on a budget

Because I’m a newbie Vanderpump Rules fan and I also love a good sheet mask…

As someone who just jumped on the Vanderpump Rules bandwagon last season (yes, I know, very late to the party) I was elated to get a pitch letting me know the exact sheet mask that Jax Taylor was wearing while watering his lawn in a recent episode (pictured above).

You might think I’m being sarcastic right now, and I assure you that I am dead serious.

When I saw this clip on the show, “what mask is that?!” was the first thought that popped into my head, so it was kind of kismet to receive that pitch and then, in turn, post about it on my IG Stories.  The response was AMAZING.

You guys were just as interested in this content as I am and that’s why I decided to do a post on how YOU TOO can multi-task like Jax.

Jax’s sheet mask:

Before the cast’s trip to Miami, the #PumpRules star was seen multi-tasking at his finest, all while wearing Beverly Hills MD’s Ageless Volume Hyaluronic Face Mask ($110 for a box of 8 masks).  According to the pitch, these sheet masks were created by Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour, (Jax is a patient of Dr. Layke’s), and this sheet mask features an exclusive blend of professional-grade hyaluronic acid, cell-boosting osmolytes, and advanced hydration compounds. Together, these powerful ingredients form a potent skin-volumizer that penetrates deep down to infuse low-volume skin with expansive plumping molecules, while the fiber delivery sheet locks them in for long-lasting results. And, it even gives your complexion a bright, luminous glow after every use!

Sheet Mask on a Budget

I haven’t tested these sheet masks personally but when I saw the price tag and then looked up the ingredients I knew I could find you some amazing dupes.  I’m sure Beverly Hills MD’s version is amazing but $110 is a lot for a box of sheet masks, IMO.  Here are a few of my favorite hyaluronic acid-boosting masks I know you will love.

Wear them proudly while doing yard work and make sure to DM me a photo.

sheet mask on a budget


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask ($3)

This is one of my all-time favorite sheet masks that isn’t really a “sheet” mask at all.  The mask itself is actually a gel (!) and instantly hydrates and plumps your skin.  Made from a unique 100% hydrogel material, this moisturizing mask holds up to 50% more essence than a paper face mask does – win.  I actually love using these after a long flight or when my skin just feels extra parched.  You also can NOT beat the price.



Tony Moly Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Mask Sheet

Tony Moly Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Mask Sheet ($4)

I’ve always love Tony Moly’s sheet masks (several reviews HERE) and when I first tried their version with HA I was v. impressed.  The fabric of this sheet mask just felt different and then, after looking at their website, I saw that it uses “a nude seal fabric.”  The fabric is actually a new material made of natural cellulose with silky soft texture and works better than cotton since it really sticks to the skin and delivers the ingredients directly onto your face in a more efficient way.  After the first time I tried this sheet mask my skin felt insanely hydrated, soft and smooth.




Patchology FlashMasque 5 - Minute Facial Sheets

Patchology FlashMasque 5 – Minute Facial Sheets (set of 4) ($30)

I’m a big-time Patchology fan – have you tried their Chill Mode Eye Gels with cannabis sativa oil? THE BEST.  Their 5 Minute Facial Sheets with HA are a new favorite and trust me when I say these are the best if you get sheet mask ADD and don’t like sitting there for 20 minutes.  Yep, that’s right…you only need to wear these for 5 minutes because their advanced masque material accelerates the delivery of the essential ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5, which work to improve elasticity and smooth your skin.





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