Three Questions With Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay

Because I love Vanderpump Rules as much as you do…

On Tuesday night I went on a long journey.  This journey took me from West Hollywood alllll the way down to Orange County (Huntington Beach, to be exact), and I would literally only do this for Shiseido.  Obviously you guys know how much I love Shiseido products, and I absolutely couldn’t miss having dinner with their team and celebrating their partnership with The World Surf League.

When I walked into the event, I was surprised and excited to see OG Vanderpump Rules queen Scheana Shay– I was introduced and then immediately given a big hug so, naturally, I decided I absolutely had to chat with her for celeb interview series!  Enjoy 🙂

Three Questions With Scheana Shay

What are some of the beauty products that you live and die by?

Anything moisturizing. I moisturize every day. I use a night cream and an eye cream.  If it has SPF in it, I use it.  I also love my lashes from my lash line, Viva Verano.  My go-to beauty would definitely be my lashes – I’m wearing the Moon lashes right now.

What’s one thing that you did on Vanderpump Rules that you wish never happened and makes you cringe?

Wearing statement necklaces (we both laugh. A lot).

What did you learn from your divorce?

Just you know, communication is very important in relationships, and if you feel like you can’t talk to your partner about a certain topic…that’s probably a problem.  There were things in my marriage that I felt like I swept under the rug and I didn’t address, and I probably should have.


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