The Monday Rundown

Really, I’m kind of laughing at myself right now because I wrote this post yesterday, as I usually do, but I accidentally forgot to hit “publish.”  Uh huh.  So here’s The Monday Rundown, at 8:30pm PST. xo

Glitter pumpkins: I feel like pumpkins are really having a moment this year.  In fact, I’ll be posting a cool pumpkin DIY link in tomorrow’s Tuesday Web Candy, so stay tuned. BTW- Pier1 is selling all their Halloween stuff at 50% off.

Kate Spade Play Hooky iPad Case: I’ve always LOVED the phrase “playing hooky” and IF I had an Ipad, IF, I would totally own this case.

Chocolate covered strawberries: One of my favorite snacks of all time. ALL TIME.  And so easy to make.

LUSH Shine So Bright: My ends have been a little dry and brittle lately so when I was introduced to this tiny balm, I was excited to try it.  It really does hydrate my ends but doesn’t make this stiff or sticky.  I like it.

The Monday Rundown (LA Edition)

Gavert Atelier highlights: It’s been a little over a year since my last trip to Gavert and I was LONG overdue.  I love everyone that works there – seriously, they’re the nicest staff ever – and I especially love the fact that they give honest advice and opinions; they don’t just “yes ma’am” any of their clients and that is important if you want good results!  The color?  I love.  Will I go back to Gavert Atelier?  Absolutely.

Sprinkles Cupcakes: They have a ton of locations now and, as you know, cupcake stores have a lot of competition…but what makes Sprinkles unique is their cupcake ATM machine.  How can you not want to just buy cupcake after cupcake, just to watch them come out of the ATM?!  I’m obsessed.

H.D. Buttercup: Pricey, yes, but this is one of the best furniture stores that I’ve ever seen.  At the very least, you can go and get some good inspiration and then stop into Father’s Office (right next door) for some good beer on tap or a glass of wine.

Blessed Charm jewelry: I went to an event for Blessed Charm last week and absolutely fell in love with their dainty, sophisticated, yet simple, line of jewels.  The creator, a former entertainment manager, lives here in LA and all of the materials are sourced from LA as well (and, of course, also made here).  What I love even more than the jewelry line is the brand’s partnership with Create Now, an organization that serves vulnerable kids (ages 2-25) who have been abused, neglected, victims of domestic violence, etc. and teams them up with mentors that spend positive time with them.


Get the Look: Olivia Munn at Entertainment Weekly’s Emmy Party

I only do a “get the look” when I, personally, want to GET that look.  I saw Olivia at this party…and guys, her hair is exquisite.  It’s that perfect, super shiny, thick hair that every woman dies for.  BTW, she’s wearing an Armani dress, Jimmy Choo clutch and Bulgari jewels.

Celebrity hairstylist, Mika Fowler, explains how to get The Newsroom star’s look:

  • On wet hair, apply Wella mousse
  • Blow dry hair with a Denman roll brush
  • Clip back a portion of hair for volume
  • Spray hair with a light hairspray for volume (like JOICO finishing spray)
  • Use a 1 and 1/4 curling iron to wrap the mid-section and shaft of the hair
  • After curling, apply Wella Dry Wax, then toss hair
  • Choose some small pieces, around the face, and re-curl to create more volume and dimension



Beer Shampoo? YES, please.

I pretty much called it back in 2008 when I wrote THIS POST.  See?  Beer is good for your hair, guys.  In fact, it’s so good that three brands even created beer-infused shampoos and are selling them.  The verdict?  They’re all pretty awesome because, as we already knew, beer has a ton of ingredients that are good for creating smooth, shiny hair with lots of volume and strength.

LUSH Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo: It’s made with organic vegan stout beer from a local brewery (how LA) and contains protein that will give your hair weight, smoothness and tons of shine.

BROO Citrus Pale Ale Shampoo: I guess the organic vegan movement is really happening with beer shampoo cause this version is also all things natural.  No parabens, silicones, etc. and they went a step ahead and even added a “slice” of citrus scent to give you that Blue Moon scent.

REDKEN Clean Brew Extra Cleaning Shampoo: I love how squeaky clean my scalp felt after using this shampoo.  On top of the orangey scent, the anti grit technology uses a premium blend of malt and brewer’s yeast to eliminate dirt and oil on the scalp.

Secret Ingredient: Honey

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath: This contains pretty much every delectable scent in the world.  What’s not to love about cocunut, milk and honey?

Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Shampoo: A strengthening shampoo is super important when you dye and use heat tools on your hair.  This product lines has claims that your hair will be ten times stronger after use, so I’m sold.

Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15: Such a classic lip product.  I love the combo of sugar and honey and I’m also really into the fact that it keeps my lips moisturized for HOURS.

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey: I’m not usually a pomade girl but this hair honey is perfect for smoothing down the baby hair around my forehead and the scent is fantastic.

Bite Beauty Honey Lip Lacquer: You know I love my lipgloss/lipstick hybrids and this red is perfection.  Plus, the Manuka honey provides extended eight hour moisture.

Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion: This lotion is surprisingly moisturizing thanks to all of the yum natural ingredients: milk, honey, vitamin E, coconut, grape seed oil, etc.  I love it, simply put.

My Hair Extensions: Grand Finale

As you’ve been reading, I’ve had Hair Dreams hair extensions in for the last several months and, as all good things come to an end, it was time for them to come out.  I couldn’t have been happier with the results and you can read HERE to see all my other posts and photos.  

The photo above is me (and my BFF Dawn) post-extensions and you can see that my hair, though shorter and finer, is still perfectly healthy and not damaged at all.  Pretty impressive after nearly 6 months of extensions!  The most common question I get is “well how long is your real hair?”  My “real hair” is actually quite long and grows really fast but I love my extensions for volume and thickness.  All fine-haired girls need to know that you can make your hair thicker with extensions and, since they’re made from real hair, the extensions actually blend really well into your natural hair…no one ever knew I had extensions in, trust.  I decided to give my hair a “rest” for 3-4 months and then I’ll go in for another round of Hair Dreams.  I can’t WAIT.

Found It! “2 Broke Girls” Star Beth Behr’s Hair Secrets

If you’re not already watching 2 Broke Girls, you should be.  The show is absolutely hilarious in that “I shouldn’t like this, but I DO” kinda way.  InStyle.com recently interviewed the blonde co-star, Beth Behr, and found out her hair care secrets, which I am promptly going to try.  Beth has gorgeous blonde locks so she must be doing something right.  Her secrets?  Redken Color Extend Rich Recovery Protective Treatment. “I use the color masks once a week because they are really great.  Redken has a really good one for blondes that I go to.”  The actress also uses KMS California’s Leave-In Conditioner to help keep her golden locks silky smooth.