Gift Idea: Victoria’s Secret The Lacie Panties (for your cousin in college)

So I’ve been trying to think of a fun yet useful gift for my little (or I guess not so little) cousin who’s a sophomore in college.  Besides booze and condoms, I came up with the one thing I could never get enough of…underwear.  These Victoria’s Secret The Lacie panties are kiiiind of a knock off of Cosabella but hey, who has money in college anyway?  They’re super comfy and very sexy…the perfect equation for any college girl.  Get any three for $30 now.

Gift Idea: Borba products (for your eco-chic mom or aunt)

So laundry detergent seems like an odd gift, I know, but when paired with Borba Age Defying Aqua-Less Crystalline and Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bear Boosters, it’s really the whole package for any eco-friendly mom or Aunt.  You may remember my rave about the Gummi Bear Boosters from a past post and I really can’t say enough about the Fabric Fusion 2-in-1 Eco Laundry Wash – a 99% natural detergent that washes clothing with a botanical-based surfactant system, which includes elastin fiber to refine and soften your clothes and skin.  I’m wrapping up these three items for my crazy aunt that is obsessed with being all eco-friendly yet is still impecably chic.

Gift Idea: Conair Infiniti Cord-Keeper Styler (for your neat-freak friend)

So since I started living by myself, I’ve suddenly become very aware of how much space I have…and I LOVE every inch of it.  When I found out about this fabulous blow dryer from Conair, I knew it would make the perfect gift for your neat-freak friend.  The cord in this super cute blow dryer retracts into the handle with just the touch of a button for convenient and tidy storage.  And, of course, it still has allthe great benefits of a great blow dryer- 1875 watts of power and a high torque DC motor (god, I sound like I’m talking about a car) for maximum drying power and speedier styling.  And yes, of course it also has Ionic technology to help smooth the cuticle layer of your hair.  Get the Infiniti Cord-Keeper Styler for anyone on your holiday list who loves her hair and tidyness.

Gift Idea: LATHER Planting Seeds gift set (for your mom)

So if there’s one thing that my sister and I gave my mother while growing up, it was a headache.  When I came across this adorably perfect Planting Seeds gift set from LATHER, I knew my mom simply had to have it.  The lavender-themed gift set celebrates the power of aromatherapy and LATHER’s founder’s discovery that lavender essential oil helped ease the pain of her migraine headaches.  It was actually with this discovery that she gained a passion for natural healing and decided to create LATHER out of a desire to help others and, as an added bonus, LATHER will donate $5 from the sale of each gift set to benefit the National Headache Foundation for headache awareness, education and outreach.  It really is the perfect gift…for $20 you get the Oatmeal Lavender Soap, Lavender Aromatherapy Candle and a little packet of Lavender seeds for your mom to plant come spring.

Gift Idea: David Yurman Luxurious Bath and Shower Gel (for your label-obsessed cousin)

So I got the chance to try out David Yurman’s Luxurious Bath and Shower Gel that just came out last month and admittedly, I love it.  I’ve never been a huge fan of David Yurman jewelry mainly due to the fact that I think it’s overpriced and over-rated but hey, one a man does shower gel well, they he’s ok in my book.  I immediately thought this would be the perfect gift for my label-obsessed cousin since I obviously can’t afford to buy her anything from the jewelry collection.  The Bath and Shower Gel diffuses the rich notes of exotic woods and patchouli with the fluidity of peony and waterlily…mmmmm.  Pure luxury.

Gift Idea: Clarins Gold Attraction Eye Quartet and Liner Palette

So when I saw Clarins limited edition Gold Attraction Eye Quartet and Liner Palette, I was instantly in love.  First off, the seasonal palette is inspired by Venice (only my favorite city in the whole world) and, as quoted by Clarins, “the light and sumptuous radiance of Venice: its beautiful golden palaces, their facades with subtle colours and patinas and the unique architecture that allows light to seep through the fine stonework.”  Um, couldn’t have said it better myself.

The gorgeous silvery pink can be used for eye base and the natural beige can be used for lids when a subtle look is desired.  OR, apply the pearly yellow gold with the deep golden brown shades and combine the dark chocolate eyeliner to intensify and illuminate your eyes.  Ah, I’m having flashbacks to Ponte Rialto as we speak.  And, since this particular palette is a limited edition, it makes a perfect gift for your old BFF from study abroad.

Gift idea: Hanukkah gift set from LUSH

So we all know it’s true, people pay way more attention to Christmas than they do to Hanukkah.  With all the cute Christmas beauty gift sets, you’d think there’d be some equally cute Hanukkah choices, no?  Well LUSH has come to the rescue, yet again.  Better Than a Blintz gift set is a combo of four of LUSH’s best-selling bath bombs and it’s pre-wrapped with reusable post-consumer recycled packaging, so you can feel good about supporting God’s chosen people AND the environment.  NOTE: This product is currently sold out online, but check your local LUSH stores to grab one.