Diptyque Face Collection Voyage

Diptyque Face Collection Voyage

With my TULUM trip coming up, I think I’m pretty set with this new collection from Diptyque…

Diptyque is one of those brands that you just want to COLLECT and, yeah, I hoard their candles like they’re going out of business (which they NEVER will, btw) so when I heard about the new Diptyque Face Collection Voyage, I knew I needed it for my TULUM trip (in two weeks!).

The pure luxury of this travel set, I can’t. Even the little white bag it comes in makes me feel like I’m wrapped in some really fancy hotel robe after getting an insane spa treatment…because a girl can dream.

Diptyque Face Collection Voyage

So, getting down to the products…all travel-sized, natch:

  • Eau Infusee (Infused Facial Water): This hydrating mist is full of vitamins, minerals and other nourishing ingredients and smells like Damask rose. Yes, ROSE, which you know I always love.  This kind of sray is really fab for vacation, especially, because it cleanses, moisturizes, tones and restores all in one little 1.7 oz. bottle.
  • Argile De Gommage (Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay): Not that you necessarily always need a scrub while traveling but sometimes you actually DO…if your skin freaks out, for example.  This product, in particular, is an exfoliant (duh) but can then also be a mask and the brand recommends mixing it with a little of the Infused Facial Water for some “invigoration.”
  • Pommade Demaquillante (Nourishing Cleansing Balm): Cleansing balms are THE most luxurious kind of cleanser you can use. Ever. Period.  This white balm smells like roses and geranium (ahhhh) and transforms into a fine oil between your fingers, then into a milky emulsion upon contact with water.
  • Voile Protecteur (Protecting Moisturizing Lotion): They call it a lotion because it’s velvety and light but, let it be known, this moisturizer is great.  SPF 15 for a little sun protection and, again, the scent of roses, white lily and orange blossom. Sign me up.


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