What’s your favorite drunk shopping purchase?

Because we’ve all done it…

I’m cackling to myself as I write this because I’m thinking back to the first time I went shopping (IRL) after a few margaritas.  I was 22 and my friend and I were all “let’s go try on some shit!” The result?  I ended up buying clothes that I probably never would’ve even tried on…and they looked good?!  “Drunk shopping” became a running joke between us after that and, now that online shopping is pretty much life, I’m curious…what are some of your most insane or funniest drunk shopping purchases?

A few months ago I had almost an entire bottle of wine with my neighbor and then decided that I absolutely NEEDED a candle that smelled like my favorite ice cream flavor, Cookies and Cream.

Random? Yes, yes it is.

I honestly can’t tell you what made me even think to drunkenly search for a cookies and cream scented candle on Etsy, but I’m sure glad that I did.  When it arrived I was immediately like “oh god, Jamie.  Did you really need this?”  The answer: absolutely not.  But then, when I lit the candle, I realized that…well, it smells really, really good!

So, please tell me in the comments below – what are some of your wildest drunk purchases? Can you top an ice cream scented candle from Etsy? (Still laughing, btw)

Looks like real cookies and cream ice cream, right?  And I love the faux Oreos!


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