This Week’s Online Shopping Haul

So yeah, I went a little nuts this week with the online shopping but I totally blame my co-worker/friend Sharon, she is a BAD influence and will never tell me not to buy something.  Shame Sharon, shame!  Seriously, her Twitter profile even says “shopaholic”!  Anyway, here’s what I bought this week and why/how I rationalized my purchases to myself.  Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be prowling Zappos for a new black pump…

Levi’s GWI Trucker Jacket: I haven’t owned a jean jacket since the 90s but with LA’s warm/sometimes chilly at night weather, I’ve been craving the classic look.  The problem being my abnormally long torso.  Well, co-worker/friend Sharon has a cute darker version of the same jacket and she was nice enough to let me try it on…a few days later, I was clicking “place order” on Piperlime.  As a bonus, it’s one of Rachel Bilson’s “picks” this month and she rarely gets it wrong.

BCBG Generation Leopard Pony Heels: I saw these cute heels on a fashion blog (that I can’t remember now!) and thought they were leopard done right.  I haven’t worn them yet but they’re a great statement show for any LBD.

Mini iPhone Dock: My co-workers weren’t nearly as excited about this purhchase as I was but I found this amazing mini dock online after watching my cat, Angel, bat around my iPhone cord for the 50th time.  This dock is great because it works in the wall OR in your laptop.  I’m pretty obsessed with it’s minimalistic style.  No cords, no clutter…very feng shui.

bebe Mini Pleated Satin Dress: Say what you will, I love bebe dresses.  They make some sexy, curve-accentuating party dresses and I fell in love with this bright blue number after seeing it on bebe.com.  Plus, I’m thinking about maybe dressing up as a “devil in a blue dress” for one of my Halloween costumes this year.  Stay tuned…

House of Harlow 1960 Leather Station Necklace: Break my heart.  I had this necklace.  I loved this necklace.  I left this necklace my friend’s house and now they can’t find it.  They’re BOYS, after all.  After the necklace was MIA for almost two months, I caved when I saw that Nordstrom.com re-stocked this classic HOH design.  Sigh…totally saving the receipt, just in case.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Online Shopping Haul

  1. hahaha, omg, I just saw what you wrote about me. #ItsAllTrue. Sorry I’m such a bad influence. It makes me feel better about my excessive purchases.

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