Giveaway 5: Women’s ROGAINE Foam


Because #ThickHairDontCare…

Most of you probably know that I’m a brand spokesperson for Women’s ROGAINE (here, here and here), and my partnership with them is one that’s really, really special to me since I truly believe in the product and I think everyone deserves to have hair that they love.


As someone who’s been using the product now for over a year, I’m absolutely THRILLED with my results and Women’s ROGAINE was actually one of the first brands I approached when I was planning out this giveaway series in honor of my blog’s 10th anniversary. Why? Because I want any of my readers who suffer from thin or thinning hair to experience the product for themselves!

I won’t go into ALL the details again, especially if you’ve already been following my journey, but my top-line favorite things about the product:

  1. You only have to use it one time per day: I use it one time per day and it doesn’t make my hair feel greasy or weighed down. Plus you can apply it on towel-dried or dry hair so, again, there’s choice.
  2. I can decide WHEN I use it: I love that I can use it either morning OR night, so depending on my schedule I can mix it up and I’m not bogged down worrying that I forgot to apply it in the morning, etc.
  3. 5% Minoxidil: This is the ingredient that actually makes your hair grow and Women’s ROGAINE is the only product that contains 5%! The others that you have to use twice a day only have 2%…true fact.


If you’re curious about my journey and interested in starting your own regrowth journey, you can watch my check in videos and definitely let me know how it goes for you!

Here’s how to win 1 set of a 2-month supply of Women’s ROGAINE® Foam!

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Contest open to US and Canadian residents who are 18 and over.

Thank you to Women’s ROGAINE® for partnering on this post!


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