Hair thickness…yep, it’s hereditary.

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Because I always laugh about the fact that it took me close to a decade to learn how to style my hair…

Hair thickness…yep, it’s hereditary.

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My combination of thin, yet frizzy hair always seemed like the legit most annoying thing on earth to deal with, and I’m still kind of envious of my friends who can just run out the door with semi-wet hair that they can actually air dry. Do you know what my hair would look like if I did that? Not great, let me tell you.

So, who do I blame? My parents, for sure. Isn’t that always the case? Things I’ve inherited from my parents that I love: amazing eye sight (seriously, I’m 15/15), my blue eyes that sometimes turn green, being cellulite-free, having identical toes to my father, my freckles. And things that I hate: the occasional seborrhea (super dry skin) around my nose (thanks, Dad), the fact I’ll probably get glaucoma (both of my parents have it) and having slightly high cholesterol even though I eat decently healthy.

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In addition to all of those pretty standard qualities/traits you can inherit, a few years ago I did some digging and found out that you CAN actually also inherit qualities about your hair from your parents; color (obviously), texture and even hair thickness. My dad has been bald since I can remember, but I never realized when I was younger that even though he’s male and I’m female, I COULD still be affected by his hair loss.

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So, yeah, hereditary hair loss is something you should think about, the same way I also know that I have a family history of skin cancer and try to stay out of the sun. Along that line, I wish I had started using Women’s ROGAINE earlier in my twenties as a preventative measure…it probably would’ve saved me the headache and stress that I felt when I first noticed my hair was getting thinner! Not-so-fun fact: genetics (HHL) is the leading cause of hair loss among women, accounting for 90% of cases (vs. stress, thyroid disease, medications, dietary deficiencies, etc.).

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You probably saw my blog posts from a few years ago where I documented my journey with Women’s ROGAINE (see the posts here), and I’m still continuing to use it along with a few other products that really help me retain my strong, healthy hair! What I love most about WR is that it’s formulated with 5% minoxidil, the only topical ingredient that’s FDA-approved to regrow hair…AND it’s clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in three months (as proven by my blog posts/videos) 🙂

I’m curious, what traits or qualities have you inherited from your parents?

On a side note, you can see a few of the products I’m currently using in the photo above; my Women’s ROGAINE fits seamlessly into my hair routine, which really just makes things easier.

Right now my routine is:

Thank you to Women’s ROGAINE for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have also noticed my hair starting to thin. Definitely not a good look when you have naturally curly/frizz prone hair. 🙁

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