Hair thickness…yep, it’s hereditary.

Because I always laugh about the fact that it took me close to a decade to learn how to style my hair…


Best of 2016

I think we can pretty much all agree that 2016 was definitely a big bag of sh*t, right?  Well, for me, in particular, it was actually the hardest year of my life.  I lost my little sister in April of this year.  April 20th, to be exact.  The same day that Prince died, and essentially from the same cause.  Melissa was 29 and it was very sudden.  I plan on talking more about everything at some point, but right now it’s still a little too raw for me and I want to really think about a meaningful way to bring honor to her memory.

I almost didn’t do this post because, initially, I thought “what happened this year that I’m even proud of?”