Halloween 2009: Lady Gaga…the look achieved

So Halloween.  I posted about how I was going to dress up as Lady GaGa and I’m happy to say that my costume was a huge success.  Sure, there were a few people who thought I was a member of KISS…and a few who thought I was trying to be Jem…but for the most part, I think people got it.  I owe a big thank you to the amazing product I used to make Lady GaGa’s famous black lightening bolt, Physician’s Formula Eye Definer Felt Tip Eye Marker.  My friend Kelley put her artistic skills to use and was shocked at how easy it was to draw the lightening bolt with this product.  Plus, it didn’t smudge, melt or move ALL night.  The photo isn’t great but you can see how awesome this product worked for my Lady GaGa look 😉

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