A Healthy Mini Picnic in the Park

two girls in a Mini Picnic in the Park

Because summer is over, but not in LA…

Back in April I discovered FitVine wine (and some amazing lower back yoga stretches!) and I’ve been honestly hooked ever since.  Last week (right before I met Gwen Stefani), I asked my neighbor Ashley if she wanted to go to the super cute park on our street and have some wine and healthy snacks; she said yes (duh) and we brought along FitVine’s brand new Pinot Grigio to sip on 🙂

A Healthy Mini Picnic in the Park

The slightly dry white wine is clean, crisp, and great tasting. It has floral notes on the nose and flavors of green apple and a hint of citrus.  Now, I’m 100% a white wine lover and when I say this Pinot Grigio is good, I really mean it. Not to mention the amazing fact that FitVine’s version only has about 90 calories and 3g of carbohydrates at 13.4% alcohol & ~0.2g of sugar (per 5 oz. serving).  If you read my last post on FitVine, then you know a normal glass of wine isn’t as healthy (about 100-125 calories per glass). So, you end up saving quite a bit of calories if you have a few glasses, like I normally do.  There really is nothing better than healthy wine, in my opinion.

woman holding FitVine wine

women drinking FitVine wine in a Mini Picnic in the Park

Since we always try to keep it healthy (at least 80% of the time, ha), I brought some fresh grapefruit and strawberries. I also bought my latest snack obsession: walnuts and coconut flakes!  I know it sounds weird. But I first tried adding coconut flakes to nuts after the Tone It Up ladies recommended it. I was shocked how much flavor it really adds to nuts.  I also top the mix with a little sea salt as well.

The pomegranates were picked from a tree inside the park- such a fun surprise.

woman pouring FitVine wine in a Mini Picnic in the Park

Ashley and I were both shocked at how delicious FitVine’s Pinot Grigio tasted with the fruit and nut mix; it really was the perfect accompaniment.

woman drinking FitVine wine and enjoying a Mini Picnic in the Park

two women enjoying a picnic two women drinking

Cheers 🙂

woman holding a bottle

Thank you to FitVine Wine for sponsoring this post!

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