Holiday Gift Guide: What I Want

holiday gift guide

Treat yo’ self is pretty much always my motto…

I plan on doing a few gift guides this month, but why not kick it off in usual tradition- with what THIS GIRL wants for the holidays.  Oh, and in the words of Kanye West, “I’m living in the future so the present is my past, my presence is a present- kiss my ass.” I want that monogrammed on a pillow. Etsy anyone?

1// Anthropologie Chalk Ware Set: Not that I’m usually in the market for chalk but I can’t resist the fun shapes of this chalk and I’ve also been dabbling with the idea of a small chalk wall after seeing how awesome it looks in my friend Leah Ashley’s place.

2// Jonathan Adler Mohawk Match Strike: My love for Jonathan Adler is never-ending and, even though I literally NEVER smoke, I still like this mohawk match box. So cute.

3// Restorsea Holiday Radiance Set: Restorsea is my skincare jam, as you guys know, and I’m super impressed with their holiday gift set- seriously.  In partnership with Zero + Maria Cornejo, Restorsea introduces the ultimate beauty-meets-fashion gift that pairs the brand’s cutting edge, all-natural skincare with a chic wool scarf, designed exclusively for Restorsea.

4// LA Freeway Rocks Glasses: If you live in LA, you probably WANT to drink after driving on any of these freeways for any given time.

5// Kate Spade Favor Bags: I plan on hosting a few parties at my place in 2015 and these super cute favor bags will be a nice addition.

6// Charming Charlie Gift Of Style Ring: I’m not a huge bow girl but I DO really love this gold ring version…and so affordable!

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