How to Throw a Virtual Rosé Tasting Party

How to Throw a Virtual Rosé Tasting Party

Because I love a theme party and this one is Coronavirus-approved…

So, here we are.  After three months of Coronavirus isolation, I’m trying to find ways to stay sane and also be social with friends (if you know me or follow me on IG then you KNOW I’m a real stickler for the social distancing rules!).  My virtual happy hour was a hit so I figured why not do a rosé tasting, right?  It’s summer now after all, apparently (laughing on the inside).

The rosé tasting party was extra fun since there was a specific theme and I’ll definitely be doing another one of these soon.  Maybe tequila?  White wine?  Would love your ideas as well so comment below and let me know 🙂

By the way, I also stumbled across this list that Real Simple made of a bunch of virtual wine tastings you can sign up for with actual professionals, haha.  I might do one of these just to learn a little more about wine!

How to Throw a Virtual Rosé Tasting Party

How to Throw a Virtual Rosé Tasting Party

Send out invites

I love a pretty invite so I used Paperless Post to create this pretty version above.  You can also use Photoshop or Canva if those are easier for you.  The main goal is to design an invite that’s on-theme with all the vital info.

Zoom call

Set up a Zoom link

I’ve been using Zoom pretty regularly since quarantine started and, I gotta say, I really love it.  The HouseParty is also a great option (and they have built-in games!) but then everyone has to use their phone, which I personally find annoying.

When you create your invite make sure the “room” will be reserved for at least two hours (we ended up talking for four).

How to Throw a Virtual Rosé Tasting PartyBuy a new rosé

You can set up your virtual rosé tasting two ways:

1-) The professional way.

Originally I wanted to have every guest buy three of the same rosés, chosen by me; this way we could do actual “tastings” of each and then discuss each wine, why we like/don’t like it, etc.  I was going to find three options that were available on Saucey (an alcohol delivery app), and then I was going to choose three that were all available at Trader Joe’s…but then it just got complicated.  Quite honestly, I didn’t want to make my friends go to more than one location for COVID safety purposes. And then one friend said there’s no Trader Joe’s by her. So that’s why I opted for option two.  That said, if you have a smaller group or you’re a group that all shops at the same store, then this option is a fun one.

2-) The slacker way (that’s still fun).

Like I said above, I really didn’t want to add any level of stress to this, and I also could just foresee some people having issues finding the wines I selected.  And that’s when I decided to just ask every guest to just buy a bottle of rosé that they’ve never tried before!  That way it was new to them, and likely the rest of the group as well.  As much as we all love Miraval, I wanted all of us to learn about some different rosé options and everyone did a great job!

Get dressed up

I actually really enjoy the “dressing up” part of any virtual party as someone who spends 99% of her time in athleisure and pajamas these days, ha.  I wore a simple black dress but I made sure to spend some extra time on my hair and makeup. And, of course, wore a fun pair of earrings since everyone on Zoom is really focusing mostly on your face.  For this party I went with the Large Mia Hoops from Eklexic but definitely check out all of their jewelry because it’s amazing quality and really fun.  My ears are actually very sensitive and I typically have issues wearing earrings if they’re not real gold or sterling silver. But this brand works well for me since their jewelry is brass (lightweight!) but coated in real gold or silver.

Share your rosé thoughts

Once everyone is logged into Zoom and says a quick hi, take turns going around and share:

  • Which rosé you bought
  • Why you bought it
  • Your thoughts on the taste
  • Your thoughts on the price
  • Is it better than you expected?
  • Etc.
  • Feel free to let the conversation flow naturally but it’s fun to start with these talking points

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