7 Ways To Try Hygge This Winter (+ a giveaway!)

7 Ways To Try Hygge This Winter

Because #SelfCare for the colder, winter months…

Hygge (pronounced HOO-GAH) is something you already know; it’s defined as “coziness of the soul” and “taking pleasure from the soothing, ordinary, and inexpensive things in life,” so think: sitting by a fireplace under a blanket and eating warm cookies. Heaven, pretty much.  The Danish, who invented the word, are considered to be the happiest people on the planet so I feel like they must be on to something here…

Here are 7 ways that I personally hygge in the winter…how do you guys hygge?

P.S.- scroll to the bottom of this post to enter my hygge-inspired giveaway!

7 Ways To Try Hygge This Winter

7 Ways To Try Hygge This Winter

1-) Invest in a blanket that makes you feel cozy

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m slightly embarrassed that I spent this much money on a leopard print blanket but after seeing it 10,000 times on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I was officially sold and I have zero regrets. It truly is the softest, coziest blanket that I’ve ever owned and the cats are obsessed with it, too.  Texture is a big part of hygge so definitely surround yourself with fluffy pillows, soft clothing, etc.

7 Ways To Try Hygge This Winter

2-) Cuddle up under that blanket with a good book

I’m a big reader though, admittedly, lately podcasts have been kind of taking over!  That said, I do enjoy reading a good book and Peppermint Twist is especially meaningful because it involves my family and the book even mentions my grandmother a few times.

7 Ways To Try Hygge This Winter

3-) Light a candle that smells amazing

4-) Practice gratitude

If you follow me on IG then you know I’m v. into season-themed candles. Right now I’m burning Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam and it LEGIT smells like a real Christmas tree.  Candles are great to hygge if you don’t have a fireplace in your home.

Hyggee and gratitude also go hand in hand.  I’m a big fan of the 5-minute journal since it’s quick but effective.

read a book

5-) Drink some tea or hot chocolate

Hot drinks are a MUST.  I love drinking some green or chamomile tea and when I’m craving chocolate (which is pretty much always), I like sipping hot chocolate out of a mug I love.

Drink some tea or hot chocolate

6-) Take a detox bath

Honestly, I’m not a huge bath person. I love the idea of them but I typically get bored/restless about five minutes after getting in the bath, ha.  That said, when I DO set my intention to really relax, a nice detox bath can be really refreshing.  I also just find my bathroom really relaxing (even with all the beauty products, haha).  Recently I’ve been using 100% Pure Seaweed Detox Bath, followed by Oribe’s Restoring Body Cream…which I LOVE because it’s super rich and smells like Oribe’s hair products (iconic, natch).

You’ll also want a fluffy bath mat for when you get out of the tub. I recently bought this one and it’s awesome.

how to get cozy

7-) Get your pets to join

As a self-proclaimed cat lady, Gemma and Gea are my life, though Gea is sometimes a little camera shy.  Gemma (pictured above) was more than happy to sit with me while I hygged and it really does add an extra dose of cozy when your pets are around, doesn’t it?!


What are some of the ways that you hygge?  Since I want to help you guys hygge this month, I’m giving away everything you see below to one lucky winner! (valued at $369!)

  • SimpleHuman rose gold sensor mirror ($130)
  • Kate Spade Bon Voyage Park candle ($40)
  • Foreo Luna Go cleansing device ($99)
  • Slip pure silk sleep mask ($50)
  • SoulCycle gift card for one ride/shoe rental ($36 on gift card)
  • Bath & Body Works Black Chamomile Pillow Mist ($13.50)

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photos by Michelle Kyle (except giveaway photo)

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  1. This post really spoke to me this week! I have been in such a rut lately, I am so very excited to practice these simple but effective techniques and ~hopefully~ get into a better mind set. Thank you so much for sharing!

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