Things Making Me Happy: 12.7.20

Things Making Me Happy: 12.7.20

Hi friends!

So last week I definitely dropped the ball on blog content, lol (oops).  But this week I’ve got tons of fun coming out, so don’t worry.

Today is my first day of pre-travel COVID quarantine and, I mean, I’ll be totally honest when I say that changes very little in my day-to-day schedule, ha.  More on my holiday plan soon. I’ve basically re-created a moon landing with the safety protocols that I’m doing. And I’m sure exactly no one is shocked to hear that 🙂

Here’s what’s making me happy this week…

Things Making Me Happy: 12.7.20

Instagram gifs

First of all, I am SO EXCITED to now have gifs and here’s the story…a few months ago I reached out to an amazing illustrator that I found on Instagram, Chic on Paper!  We worked together to create 10 really custom designs that, let’s be honest, are really mostly for me to use on IG Stories but they make me happy AF and I’m not mad at it.  If you or anyone you needs custom design work done, I can’t recommend Nina (from Chic on Paper) enough!

Instagram gifs; price varies

Things Making Me Happy: 12.7.20

Dana’s Bakery Chocolate Chip Mookies

I had Dana Pollock, founder of Dana’s Bakery on my podcast last week and, before our recording, they sent me a big assortment of Dana’s Bakery goodies.  My thoughts?  WELL, let me tell you…everything is SO GOOD.  My favorite was definitely their signature Mookie (macaron + cookie!); they’re gluten-free, kosher and just OMG so good.  Chocolate chip is always my favorite but Dana’s Bakery is known for their fun and different flavors so be sure to check out all their options.  I just ordered 10 more Mookies 🙂

Dana’s Bakery Chocolate Chip Mookies; $50 for 10

Sir Darius Brown Beaux & Paws Shop

Sir Darius Brown Beaux & Paws Shop

I found out about this amazing (now 14-year old) young man awhile back but I wanted to feature his absolutely adorable bows for dogs and cats!  They’re such a cute holiday gift idea for any animal lovers (or for your own dog or cat). The best part is that you’re not only supporting a young Black entrepreneur, but you’re also helping out stray animals.

About Sir Darius and his company:

In 2017, Sir Darius, was moved by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and wanted to do his part to help. Learning that some rescue dogs were being transferred from the devastation in Texas and Puerto Rico to the ASPCA in NYC; Sir Darius thought of a unique way to use his passion of creating bow ties to help the displaced dogs look dapper and cute to help them be more noticeable in hopes of finding their forever homes faster. During his visit at the adoption center, Sir Darius learned that hundreds of dogs are euthanized daily at some shelters due to overcrowding. When he learned of this horrific reality he was devastated. A dog lover himself, this was the beginning of Sir Darius’s mission to help save the lives of dogs and cats by donating his handmade bow ties to animal shelters across the nation.

Sir Darius has donated countless bow ties to shelters and adoption centers across the USA and the United Kingdom and have helped countless shelter pets find loving forever homes.  In 2019, Sir Darius created the PAW-SOME MISSION.  The goal for the mission is to ship bow ties to and visit animal shelters in all 50 states. Upon visiting the animal shelters Sir Darius will be donating his bow ties personally, assisting with adoption events, and using his platform on social media to highlight adoptable pets and give them even more exposure to help them find forever homes faster.

Even if you don’t want to buy the dog/cat bows, you can donate to Sir Darius’ mission HERE.

Sir Darius Brown Beaux & Paws Shop; $25

Barefoot Dreams In The Wild Blanket

Barefoot Dreams In The Wild Blanket

I’ve talked about this blanket a few times before; you know it as the infamous “Kardashian blanket” and, believe me, it is worth every penny; I never thought that I’d be someone who spends $180 on a throw blanket but I am SO glad I did.  The best part is that I recently discovered that if you wash it with white vinegar (and no detergent) it regains some of its fluffiness. And, therefore, I’ve fallen back in love with this blanket.  Oh, and if leopard isn’t your thing, they also have a palm leaf print blanket I love (and for $158 instead of $180).

Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Blanket; $180

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I’ve also blogged about this mask before and how bomb it is. But lately my skin has been feeling very dry (likely due to the weather getting a little colder) and I brought it back into the rotation.  I used it twice last week at night and woke up with dewy, hydrated skin. It’s just so good and a must for anyone who needs a little extra moisture.

Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask is a rich combination of ceramides, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to combat puffy, inflamed, over-worked skin.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask; $48


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