Iceland Packing List

Because I’m going to Iceland today, and here’s what I’m packing for the cold…

I obviously always pack my beauty products first, that’s a given.  After recently being introduced to Aveeno’s new Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt I knew this product would be my cold weather go-to, especially for this trip.  This new lotion actually contains the brand’s signature Active Natural Oatmeal and nutrient-rich yogurt! Oh, and let’s not forget vitamins, lactose, proteins, lactic acid and lipids (often found in yogurt) to deliver super rich and nourishing moisture back to skin.

I love both scents but I’m especially a fan of the Apricot & Honey scent (so good!).  Long story short, this stuff is going to save my skin in Iceland’s dry, cold climate and I’ll be doing another post IN Iceland reporting back on how the lotion is helping my dry skin.

Now on to the accessories and cold weather items…

Uniqlo Heat Tech tops: My friend Kelsi insisted that I would be fne with a few of Uniqlo’s Heat Tech tops and when I saw how cheap they are, I figured why not give them a shot? I got this top and this turtleneck for $7.90 EACH. Can’t beat that.

Women’s Sperry for J. Crew snow boots: I haven’t worn these yet (I actually bought them a few months ago when I thought it was going to snow over Christmas in New York), but they have decent reviews online. Plus, they’re now 20% off with code SHOPFAST!

Waterproof ski/snow pants: For obvious reasons…mostly being, for me, because I’m probably going to fall in the snow at some point.

Tech winter gloves: These have been around since the invention of the iPhone, but since I’ve lived in LA since that time I actually never bought a pair until now. I can’t miss any texts or Instagram opps, you know?

Faux fur Russian-style hat: This is for sure going to keep my head warm, but I mostly just wanted it for the funny photos. #Thatbloggerlife. Who knew they’d be so cheap and come in so many colors?!

Fleece-lined leggings: I was thrown off by the shoes the model is wearing in the photo for this (WOW), but I do think the idea of fleece-lined leggings makes sense for Iceland. Maybe under my new waterproof snow pants? We will see. We will NOT be wearing those shoes though.

Waterproof cell phone case: I can’t take credit for thinking of this one. Thank you Kourtney Kardashian and crew because after I was stalking Kourtney’s Iceland travel guide (not embarrassed!), I noticed that Kim’s assistant and Jonathan Cheban were both holding their phone in clear, plastic cases. Genius! I’m also going to the Blue Lagoon so now I can bring my phone into the water as well. Thank you, K crew.

GHD Travel Hair Dryer: This baby is AMAZING. It works just as well (if not better) than any hair dryer you use daily and it folds nicely into any suitcase. What I also recently learned is that it’s “dual voltage,” which means it will work with just a plug adapter in Europe and most countries (no converter needed).

Who What Wear black and white beanie: I was cruising Target.com and just thought this hat was cute. And it’s cheap So boom.

Everyone I talk to swears by Uniqlo’s Heat Tech clothing! We will see…


Thank you to Aveeno for sponsoring this post!

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