Here are 5 Indie Beauty Brands You Can Support Right Now.

Indie Beauty Brands

Because they need us now more than ever…

In today’s post I wanted to put a little spotlight on a few indie beauty brands that I’m really loving right now. With the Coronavirus economy crisis, they need us now more than ever. And, funny enough, I actually shot these photos with my photographer Felicia awhile ago but the topic is now more relevant that ever!

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing more small businesses and indie brands that I love, in hopes that all of you can support them while they continue to keep their business open and employees fully employed.

Here are 5 Indie Beauty Brands You Can Support Right Now.

Here are 5 Indie Beauty Brands You Can Support Right Now.

Mizz Bloom Glow Organic Body Oil:

First off, I looooove the way this oil smells so let’s start there.  The lightweight formula has an uplifting and energizing scent and my mood is honestly just uplifted every time I apply this silky oil to my skin post-shower.  Secondly, the ingredients are amazing; we’re talking jojoba seed oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, virgin coconut oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil.  So, needless to say, there’s a LOT of hydration happening here and you will have zero regrets buying this baby.

Milli Rose Bloom Palette in Heat

Milli Rose Bloom Palette in Heat:

A former colleague of mine started this super cute makeup line (named after her pup!) and I’ve been loving the warm-toned nude eye shades in this palette.  My favorite?  Definitely “Firecracker” – it’s this gorgeous coppery pink and I apply just a little dot to my lids and then I smear it across my lash line. It’s fun and makes my eyes really POP.  All the shades in this palette are ultra-pigmented and blend easily without creasing or fallout.

Milli Rose in Beans and JJ:

When it comes to lip color I typically go for natural pinks and corals. I LOOOOVE these two shades from Milli Rose.  They’re all creamy, high-coverage liquid lipsticks that glide on easy and stay put. (I tested it by drinking two glasses of wine and it didn’t budge-  ha.)

Beans is a terracotta pink and JJ is a coral color with just a hint of shimmer.

Raincry Rebuild Bond Repair:

Raincry Rebuild Bond Repair:

You all know I love CBD skincare so when I heard about this CBD-Infused hair product I had to test it out.  The result?  LOVE.  The leave-in treatment is formulated with bond building  collagen peptides, CBD and lotus flower to help restore damaged hair. And also strengthen and protect the hair by rebuilding the cortex and cuticle bonds.  I’ve been using it once or twice a week and, I swear, my ends feels healthier than ever (even with my ugly brown roots!).

Hanhoo Bubble Up Peeling Pad

Hanhoo Bubble Up Peeling Pad:

Beauty really does need to be fun right now and I love how these pads really do bubble up. It’s honestly just a joy to use.  The pads are made to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin by removing surface dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells. The duo-sided pad is formulated with collagen and enzyme powder. It brightens the skin while giving it a smooth, glowing, vibrant appearance.

Eleni Chris Volumin Magnifying Leave-In Treatment Spray

Eleni Chris Volumin Magnifying Leave-In Treatment Spray:

Most of us haven’t been using too many heat tools to our hair these days, which is great. But I noticed that my hair does seem pretty flat because of that.  I tried this super light leave-in spray and I was v. impressed with the level of volume and body it added to my hair.  In addition to a volume boost, the spray contains Heliogenol. It prevents color from fading, as well as UV protection from heat tools (up to 430˚F) and the sun.


Photos by Felicia LaSala

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