New Find: Tree Hut Skincare

woman using Tree Hut Skincare mask

It’s rare that I haven’t tried at least one product from every skincare brand out there (yes, I don’t deny that skincare is definitely my favorite), but when I got an email about Tree Hut Skincare I immediately checked out their site with curiosity…

I was instantly drawn in by the brand’s commitment to using ingredients found in nature and, of course, the fact that they have two rose-scented products (my fave, duh). Here are three of my favorites from the brand…

Tree Hut Skincare exfoliating mud mask

woman using Tree Hut Skincare exfoliating mud mask

New Find: Tree Hut Skincare

Exfoliating Mud Mask:

I love masks in general but this one has detoxifying charcoal (an ingredient I’ve been into since I wrote this story for WomensHealthMag.com). The cooling mask purifies your skin with the activated charcoal and also has exotic black sand that preps your skin before the mud draws out all your impurities. The first time I used it? My skin was baby-soft and still really hydrated (something I’m always concerned about when I use mud or clay masks).

woman using Tree Hut Skincare facial scrub

Refining Rose Polishing Facial Scrub:

I’m a sucker for anything that smells like roses. I am first to admit, scrubs sometimes scare me since I have rosacea/sensitive skin.I tried this version from Tree Hut last Sunday night. was VERY impressed with the results. The exfoliating jojoba esters removed any dead skin on my face. Also, the rose actually helped calm my sensitive skin since it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. And, as a bonus, coconut oil is also infused in the scrub just to ensure total hydration.

Protecting Daily Moisturizer

Refining Rose Protecting Daily Moisturizer SPF 30:

I have to say, this is the first daily moisturizer with SPF that I’ve used that smells like roses. I totally love it. Aside from the broad-spectrum SPF 30, the day cream is infused with rosehip oil (naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants), and it absorbs super fast into your skin.

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Have you guys tried Tree Hut? What are your favorite products?

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