10 Beauty Products from AAPI-Owned Brands That I Love

collage of Products from AAPI-Owned Brands

Because representation is important and these products are THE BEST…

It’s no secret that AAPI-owned beauty brands have been a game-changer in the beauty space. So, today I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorites from AAPI-owned beauty brands!  They’re mostly skincare picks, naturally, and literally all of them are products I’ve used over and over.

10 Beauty Products from AAPI-Owned Brands That I Love

1//  Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch

These pimple patches are best in class, if you ask me.  You’ve got the acne-fighting classic salicylic acid, calming beta glucan, bacteria-killing totarol, and super hydrating hyaluronic acid to really fight that zit and make it go away stat.  I’ve used maybe four or five different pimple patch brands and these are, by far, my favorite.

2// Tower 28 SOS Intensive Redness Relief Serum

Ok, this is a new favorite and I fully plan on doing a more in-depth blog post about it cause it’s THAT GOOD.  I was having a rough bout of dermatitis around my nostrils (I get this once or twice a year) and decided to give this serum a try.  UM. WOW, to say the least.  It worked in two days.  The serum is specifically formulated as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, intensive, skin-saving serum for sensitive skin and people who suffer from rosacea, eczema, etc., so I knew it would likely help.  Like I said, I’m gonna do a bigger post on this soon so stay tuned.

3// Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask

This lip mask (along with the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask) is an absolute must for anyone who has dry lips and/or like their lips nice and juicy.  This non-sticky jelly lip mask is formulated with Japanese peach and olive-derived squalane that softens, smooths, and helps restore for visibly plump lips.  And fun fact I didn’t know:  Japanese women traditionally chopped peach seeds and mixed them with oils to help repair dry, flaky lips. which is what inspired The Kissu Lip Mask.

4// Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Redness Relief Serum

Everything from Glow Recipe is top-knotch but this redness relief serum is in constant rotation for me.  It absolutely reduces my facial redness and I love how calming it is just in general.  Ingredients like avocado, ceramide-5, rice milk, and allantoin visibly reduce redness and soothe irritated or sensitive skin.

5// Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara

I tried this mascara awhile back and fell in love.  I mean…who doesn’t love a volumizing mascara, right?  But this one, in particular, has a double-cut brush that catches and releases each individual lash to pull the formula through from root to tip, elongating and creating incredible length and definition.  If you love big, clump-free lashes, this mascara is for you.

6// Naturium Vitamin C Super Serum Plus

I love literally every product that I’ve tried from Naturium (no exaggeration), but the Vitamin C Super Serum Plus had to be called out because of the fact that there’s nothing else like it on the market.  If you want just one product to keep your face glowing and wrinkle-free, this is IT.  It’s formulated with not just vitamin C, but also retinol (yes, they can be used together!), hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and salicylic acid – essentially this serum has every good-for-your-skin ingredient that exists in one bottle and it WORKS.

7// Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask

This sleeping mask is something that I’ve actually gifted several times – it’s that good.  There are a few different variations of the mask, but lately I’ve been using the Cica version since it’s great for “stressed” skin.  You use this product before you go to bed and you’ll wake up with your most hydrated skin ever, trust me.

8// Fresh Chemistry Glow Getter Brightening Serum

Full disclosure- Fresh Chemistry is my marketing client but that doesn’t stop me from telling you the truth: I love this product and it’s also fun to use.  Why is this vitamin C serum different? Well, for one, you mix it yourself, which ensures that you’re getting it super fresh with the most powerful ingredients.  The set contains stabilized vitamin C and botanical alpha hydroxy acids, and when delivered fresh to your skin, gives you an instant glow and reveals a radiant, luminous complexion with continued use.  The trick is that you get it shipped to you every 30 days.  You mix the vials together, shake, and done – fresh vitamin C serum that hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for a year degrading.

9// Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Mask

These gold eye masks are on my list of holy grail beauty products, and for good reason.  For one, they are super chic – love a gold anything.  Two, they work.  Peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid work together to brighten, hydrate and reduce dark circles under your eyes; they’re also soooo good for travel, btw.  The gold foil also helps retain heat and prevents the serum below from evaporating, allowing the maximum amount of absorption into the skin.

10// Cocofloss Delicious Mint Dental Floss

Lastly, I never thought I’d be so into a dental floss but this one really is the best.  I love the minty flavor, and, aside from being infused with coconut oil, it’s also naturally scented with spearmint oil, cornmint oil, anise camphor, and menthol – all excellent for your gums and teeth!



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