Reader Question: Can I Keep my sunscreen in the car?


Hey Jamie,

So I always forget to put on sunscreen before I leave the house so I’ve been leaving a tube in the glove compartment of my car. Is that awful? 



Hi J,

Noooo, this is soooo bad. I love that you’re trying to make an effort to wear SPF every day but the issue with leaving a tube in your car is that high temperatures actually brak down the ingredients that protect your skin from the sun.  Take it from someone who accidentally used expired sunscreen one time and got sun BLISTERS on her back- do NOT do this.  You will burn. And feel awful.

That said, I know just telling you “don’t do that” isn’t much help, so here’s what you can do…

Stock up on POWDER sunscreen.


Yep, I actually keep a tube of Colorescience Sunforgettable in my glove compartment and it’s amazing (I’ve blogged about it many times before). The best part about powder SPF is one, it acts as a physical sunblock that literally sits on top of your skin to protect you and, of course, it won’t melt or break down in the heat. Yep, problem solved.

A few of my favorite powder sunscreens:

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