Reader Question: Can I Pull Out My Grey Hair?


Hi Jamie,

Lately I’ve had a TON of grey hair and I can’t deal. Would it be terrible if I pulled some of them out?



Hi D,

I feel your pain.  I’ve had a small patch of grey hair right around my forehead for the past few years and it’s SO ANNOYING.  The worst part is that the grey hair is actually thicker and more coarse than my regular hair so it really sticks out, at least to ME.  I did THIS POST awhile back on products you can use to cover grey patches and I’m specifically calling this out to you because, I’m sorry to say, you should DEFINITELY NOT PULL OUT YOUR GREY HAIR.

I get it, trust me, and while tweezing one or two greys won’t make more greys come in, plucking can cause scarring that an lead to hair thinning or even patches of hair loss…and let’s face it, bald spots are way worse that a few grey hairs.  And, If all else fails just get your hair dyed more frequently.



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