Reader Question: How do I get perfect eyebrows?


Hey Jamie,

So I’ve been penciling in my eyebrows since I was a teenager and, quite frankly, I just don’t want to do it anymore.  The thing is- when I don’t pencil them in, you can’t see them and I look crazy. I’ve been reading about more permanent eyebrow treatments lately and I’d love to know your take.



Hi E,

First off, I get it. I mean I don’t get it from personal experience because I actually have thick, dark eyebrows, which is especially weird since the hair on my head is so fine, but I digress. I get it from the sense that you’d like one less step in your beauty routine, and you’d also like to not feel weird if you go out with out any makeup on (i.e. penciling in your brows).  And eyebrows are such a THING right now, right? Remember what Lauren Conrad’s old eyebrows looked like versus now? Life-changing.

So, aside from continuing to pencil-in your brows every day, one option that’s really popular these days in microblading, which is essentially eyebrow tattoos that are semi-permanent.  I spoke to Daria Chuprys, a world-renowned pioneer in the art of microblading to get some details on the whole deal.

What exactly is microblading?

Microblading, or microstroking as the tool uses a group of needles and not an actual blade, is the art of creating fine, crisp, and natural hair strokes that mimic eyebrow hairs. Daria Chuprys’ manual technique allows for the most natural, realistic results possible, leaving her clients with a beautiful shape and softened face.


How do I pick a permanent makeup artist?

The most important step is asking to see their HEALED results. With permanent makeup, a client needs at least two sessions for optimal results. Most eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, etc. look amazing right after the first session, when a client leaves with glossy, beautiful results. But that isn’t how the final result will look! If a permanent makeup artist doesn’t have enough experience, they won’t implant the pigment at the right depth, which could lead to the pigment disappearing after healing. Even worse, if the pigment is implanted too deeply, it results in a grey and dark appearance that doesn’t look natural. Ask to see pictures of healed results before booking your appointment.

Anything else I should ask before choosing an artist?

Other important questions to ask are where they were trained and how much experience they have. Daria’s teaching academy program is the most intensive available, at 100 hours of training, but some permanent makeup artists take a quick two day course and then get right to work. It’s best to choose an artist who has ongoing training as well as more than one year of experience.

Hope that helps, E! This sounds like a great alternative to penciling them in every single damn day. 🙂




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