Reader Question: I need a new skincare regimen post birth control


Hi Jamie,

So I stopped taking my birth control pills and started taking prenatal vitamins ( I’m not pregnant but we’re thinking about it) but now my skin is breaking out all over, face, neck, and chest. What products do you like? I want something I can get at the drugstore. Basically a cleanser/moisturizer system, and I don’t really wear make up except a light powder.  Let me know if you have any suggestions! Also, I feel like I just wrote a letter to Tiger Beat, haha.



Hi E!

This definitely happens a lot, so you’re not alone.  I’m not a doctor but I always recommend mixing anti-acne products with skin-calming products so that your skin doesn’t go into hyper overdrive and get even worse.  Here are some products I think you’d like, all of which are available at the drugstore and are also fairly minimalistic, as per your request.  By the way, if you DO get pregnant you won’t be able to use a lot of this. Haha, just FYI. We can re-evaluate at that point.

P.S., this photo of Chelsea Handler has nothing to do with your question…I just think it’s awesome and have been waiting to use it in a post 🙂




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