Reader Question: How Do I Remove Gel Nails At Home?

woman sharing how to  Remove Gel Nails At Home

Hi Jamie,

So I love getting gel manicures but I’d love to be able to remove them with out going back to the salon. Is that even an option? Or will I f*ck up my nails?

Thx in advance!

P.S.- your Saturday cat photos are my favorite!


Reader Question: How Do I Remove Gel Nails At Home?

Hi N!

First of all, THANK YOU for loving Gemma and Gea as much as I do 🙂  Second, while I do think the best option for gel removal is to go to the salon, I totally get it.  Here are three at home methods that will work in a pinch…

Stock up on at-home kits

Fair warning, I haven’t personally tried any of these but they all had decent online reviews.

DIY Foils

Need: Cotton balls, acetone nail polish remover, aluminum foil

This is definitely the best option if you get a LOT of gel manicures, mainly because those kits will start getting expensive if you buy a ton.

First Step: Buff your nails with a file to help remove the shiny coat of the gel polish.

Second Step: Soak a cotton ball in acetone then apply the soaked cotton ball on top of your buffed nails.

Third Step: Wrap your fingers in a square of aluminum foil to keep the above cotton ball locked in place (repeat for all nails).

Fourth Step: Let sit for about 10 minutes then remove the foils.

Fifth Step: Use another soaked cotton ball to wipe off any excess polish on each finger.

The Double Boiler Method

I saw this on TODAY.com and it’s legit!

Need: Two bowls, hot water, a nail file, acetone nail polish remover and an orange stick

First Step: Buff your nails with a file to remove the shiny polish top coat.

Second Step: Fill a large bowl with hot water and place a smaller bowl inside.

Third Step: Pour acetone nail polish remover into that bowl.

Fourth Step: Soak your fingers in the small bowl for 10 minutes.

Fifth Step: Then, use an orange stick to push off the remaining polish.

Let me know how it goes.



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