My New Nail Obsession (That You Apply Yourself!): Super Gels

Super Gels review

Because I’m still too scared to go to a nail salon and these are LEGIT…

Ok, so if you follow me on Instagram then, chances are, you’ve seen my new nail vibe up on Stories; I’ve gotten DOZENS of DMs about them, and for good reason. I get it.  I’m not someone who has long nails EVER – honestly, I can not function with them and the length you see in these photos is just about as long as I can go and still be a functional human (mostly, ha).

My New Nail Obsession (That You Apply Yourself!): Super Gels

So here’s my nail story…

I visited the Color Camp nail salon awhile back to try gel nails for the first time ever and, truth be told, it wasn’t great for me.  I had a nail peel off two days after I got them. And then, when I went back to get it fixed, a different nail peeled off right when I got home.  I kind of gave up on gels after that, but the managers at the salon was SO nice and super apologetic and offered me a regular manicure with their special polish and it was absolute FIRE.  Seriously the longest-lasting mani I’ve ever had.

Fast forward to COVID and nail salons shutting down (mostly)…

I got served an IG ad for their at-home super gels and was intrigued.

I tried doing press-on nails at the beginning of COVID but, like I said earlier, I simply could NOT function with their length.  Color Camp’s version is totally customizable, hence solving my length issue.

Here’s why I love them:

  • Super cool designs (I’ve tried two so far and just got my third!)
  • Easy to apply – more on that below
  • You get sent a sizing kit FIRST (before you nails arrive) so you know they are gonna fit each of your nails perfectly
  • You can customize the shape AND length (amen)
  • The nails arrive CLEARLY labeled so you know which nail goes where
  • They last for 5-10 days!
  • You can order them from anywhere – not just LA!

Super Gels review

Once you email in your nails sizes, shape and length, they send you your custom gels a few days later.  You also get a cute little kit with directions, a nail file, nail glue, a wooden stick (for cuticles, a buffer and an alcohol wipe – essentially everything you need.

how to apply Super Gels

How to apply:

1. File

Trim or file your nails short.

2. Buff

Gently push back your cuticles with the wood stick. Use the buffer to gently buff the shine off your nails.

3. Clean

Wipe nails with alcohol to remove any dust and oil.

4. Glue

Working one nail at a time, apply a thin layer of glue to your natural nail. Be sure to cover the whole nail. The more glue you use, the longer they’ll stay on (and the harder they’ll be to remove). Holding the nail tip at a 45-degree angle, align it to your cuticle and press down. Work your way around the nail, applying pressure to remove any air pockets. Hold firmly for 30 seconds.


easy manicure at home

Sooo good, right?

Have I sold you on these at-home super gels?!

14 thoughts on “My New Nail Obsession (That You Apply Yourself!): Super Gels

  1. I’ve been eyeing these on an their email list for a while, but wasn’t sure. Going to give them a shot bc they just emailed a fun design that I like and I haven’t had pretty nails in over a year…

    • I was able to just pop them off after about 8 or 9 days (after I shower so they’ve soaked a bit), but they say you can also use acetone if they won’t budge!

  2. I just bought some sets of these and was having the hardest time finding a review, so thank you so much! I have tiny fingers and nail beds, so I’m hoping the sizing isn’t too difficult!

  3. How does showering effect your nails? I just ordered from Color Camp and am afraid of losing them to the shower!

  4. Thank you for this!! I’ve been looking for reviews online and this helps a ton. Website states that they can be worn several time. When you removed them were you able to reuse?

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  7. Just want to leave my own review! Love the look of a freshly applied set of these nails. They look expensive and pretty. However. I have lost nails here and there, and it’s not adequate that they will send you a replacement – that takes weeks. In the meantime, your manicure is ruined. I paid over $100 for two sets, and I would say that neither set is really reusable. There’s glue stick to the back of all the nails which attracts dirt – not something you want to put back on your finger. Color camp needs to change pricing and sell these for what they are: high quality for a one time use. They also need to include a glue applicator that works – not a super glue dropper, but a brush needs to come free with each set. Otherwise application is far too messy.
    Finally, there should be a way to review the product on the manufacturer’s site. Color camp clearly does not want reviews.

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