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Because life is too short not to see what’s possible…

If you’re like me, you grew up assuming that you could do anything that you wanted to do. I truly believed that for most of my life…and even when things got really, really crappy (and, oh they did) I still really believed that I could change what I didn’t like about my life and actually fix the issue at hand. I haven’t blogged about this yet but I’ve actually been working with a life coach for the past year. UGH, I know…the phrase “life coach” is just so unbearably new-age/LA and I hate myself just a little for having to use it (note: I sometimes call her my therapist) but the truth is, Sarah (said life coach) really does a good job of reminding me that I need to “see what’s possible” every single day.

I think it’s actually MUCH easier to be negative, give up and feel defeated rather than actually try to make the change, you know? You don’t like your career path? Well let’s figure out a new one. You don’t like your current weight? Well let’s figure out a way to drop a few pounds in a healthy way. You want to move to LA and be a movie star? GREAT. Let’s figure out a coarse of action that makes sense financially for you to take your shot. No matter what you want from life, there IS a way to at least try to make it happen.

Neutrogena See Whats Possible - Honestly Jamie

People often ask me why I moved to LA and my cookie-cutter answer is this: “I had only ever lived in New York and I wanted to live somewhere else…and, of course, the weather sucked me in.” Truthfully, that statement was/is still true but I was also looking for something else. I wasn’t happy doing PR anymore (and I hadn’t been for a very long time) and I felt like LA would be a great way for me to “see what’s possible” for me as far as doing more writing/blogging, which is what I love to do.

I’m so proud and happy that I’ve been able to create a career and life for myself that I truly love, which is why I really adore Neutrogena’s See What’s Possible campaign. Through thousands of hours meeting with women around the world, Neutrogena uncovered a universal truth – women are stepping back to examine what’s possible in their lives so they can pursue their dreams. Always on a mission to create, innovate, and rethink what’s possible in skincare, Neutrogena identified this shared value and was inspired to launch its first-ever global campaign: “Neutrogena See What’s Possible.”

The empowering video brings to life the brand’s point of view on beauty – what really makes a woman beautiful is the ability to look in the mirror and know that anything is possible. In the United States, the brand has forged a partnership with the Girls Inc. organization, whose mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

The ad is voiced by Brand Ambassador and creative consultant Kerry Washington, and features real women following their passions. Make sure to tune in during the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday to watch it, but you can learn more about the program on their campaign hub page and here as well.


Thank you to Neutrogena for partnering on this post!

Photos by Azusa Takano 

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