How to Stay Fresh This Labor Day Weekend

fruits, spray on leave on, and flowers for Labor Day Weekend

Because I have a little West Hollywood hotel stay-cation planned for Labor Day weekend…

Every year when Labor Day rolls around, I always seem to be like “oops, I forgot to make plans,” and, truthfully, that kind of just happens when you work for yourself and don’t count down to every single vacation day (like I did when I worked for a big company). Well, not this year. I actually took the time to ask two of my girls if they wanted to split a hotel room in West Hollywood with me for a little poolside stay-cation, and I couldn’t be more excited to just RELAX and, you know, not have to make my own bed 🙂

How to Stay Fresh This Labor Day Weekend

That said, guys…it’s been SO HOT. Sure, I just got back from Palm Springs where it was an insane 114 degrees (not kidding), but even in LA I’ve been hotter and sweatier than usual. Luckily I was recently introduced to a new product that I have been LOVING: Secret Invisible Spray! The line just launched in July and I’m loving all four scents AND the fact that this deodorant is formulated with two proprietary technologies that help you feel clean and fresh for up to 48 hours. Tried and tested in Palm Springs, ladies…so you know it’s legit.

top view of fruits, spray on leave on, and flowers for Labor Day Weekend

The sweat-activated fragrance technology captures underarm odor, locking it away and replacing with a fresh scent (I used Glam Grapefruit today) that helps you feel clean and fresh all day long. Not to mention the fact that you don’t end up with those oh-so-fun white deodorant stains that I ALWAYS get from other deodorant sticks. Seriously, I get those allll the time and it’s nice to not have to deal with that with this spray. All the technical stuff aside, I’ve been applying Secret Invisible Spray every morning while still in my robe (yep, it stays on and doesn’t stain anything).

woman holding live on fresh spray Labor Day Weekend

And then also doing a quick re-fresh after I work out. I don’t actually NEED to apply it again, but I like the scent so much that it almost feels like I’m just applying some after-workout perfume 🙂

Here are three of my best tips for staying fresh this weekend:

Keep your hair color fresh

I always make sure to apply coconut oil to my hair before going in the pool, since chlorine is a killer for blondes and the coconut oil provides a protective, hydrating layer (plus then you smell yummy).

Get tan with out the damage

I’ve always been all about the spray tan but last week I went to the new Sugared and Bronzed location on West 3rd street and got the BEST express spray tan (Express meaning you can shower off after only four hours, as opposed to eight). There’s something about a good spray tan that just gives you a little extra boost of confidence, and that’s something I think everyone can use more of.

anti perspirant spay for labor day weekend

Don’t forget to pack your Invisible Spray

I’m taking Secret Invisible Spray in Boho Berry (my favorite) with me on my stay-cation this weekend; the last thing I want is to be super sweaty by the pool and I love that this version won’t stain my bikini.

What are some of your best Labor Day weekend beauty tips? Comment below and let me know.



Thank you to Secret for sponsoring this post!

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