Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise

Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise

Here’s a little factoid about me that you probably didn’t know: I hate MAYONNAISE.  Personally, I think it’s a gross, creamy condiment that’s completely unnecessary on food, BUT it does have some beauty benefits:


Moisturize your hair// The creamy white stuff is great for dry, damaged hair since it contains oils and protein that helps fill in hair follicles and increases shine.  It also contains vinegar, which is great to help restore your hair’s pH balance.

Hydrate your cuticles// Try soaking your fingertips in mayo every so often (for about 5 minutes) to help strengthen and restore your cuticles and fingernails.


Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


Matt McConaughey’s famous line, that he says during EVERY awards speech…and I wait for it – InStyle.com

This Zuhair Murad dress that Blake Lively wore back in 2012 is one of my all-time red carpet favorites and, honestly, I now kind of want the Barbie versionInStyle.com

Three beauty drugstore buys, all good and all upgraded – BeautySweetSpot.com

I’m loving this chunky chain necklace DIY from the ALL NEW blog, Miss Kris! –  MissKrisTurner.com

Some people were apparently “offended” but, personally, I think these “America” themed parties are AMAZING – TheLuxurySpot.com

My latest for Refinery29.com and it’s a good one…how to get good skin in a minute! – Refinery29.com

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

This recycled Tiffany bag DIY is so genius – TheBudgetBabe.com

I laughed out loud after spotting this guide to drugstore razors, mostly because I don’t even know what kind of razor I’m using right now and it’s about time someone reviewed all the options we have! – Byrdie.com

It’s kind of incredible that this teen girl started a petition for Disney to create a plus size Disney princess. Proof the world still has some hope – Shape.com

These Valentine’s Day manicures are fab and fun – glo.MSN.com

I don’t know how this photo surfaced but I’m sure glad it did.  A starstruck, young Gwen Stefani getting Sting’s autograph LAist.com

How CUTE is Jess’ Valentine’s Day outfit? I’m into it and she is brave to wear it in the Polar Vortex…fashion is pain – BowsandSequins.com

Weekend To-Do

olympics party

Think about throwing an Olympics viewing party…I mean, LOOK at these ice cream cones (image via Brit.co)


Wear all of your favorite dainty rings all at once (image via DamselinDior.com)

bang bang cauliflower

This Bang Bang Cauliflower is AMAZING, and healthy (image via ThatsSoMichelle.com)


Try doing this heart bun. It looks hard but I got it done after two tries! (image via TheBeautyDepartment.com)


Speaking of hearts, I’m obsessed with this easy heart straw DIY (image via GlitterNGlue.com)


Words to live by (image via Zulily.com)

A Galentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Party


I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day (case and point here, here, here and here), but when Annette, Rachael and I decided to throw a little GALentine’s party, I couldn’t say no.  In true Jamie form, I’m clearly telling an inappropriate story in the above photo, but I had to share this pic because I LOVE our real smiles/laughs.  Isn’t that was a GALentine’s party is all about?  Body part stories aside, we did manage to get some great photos, so let us know what you think in the comments below…and have a happy Valentine’s Day.


Pouring the bubbly. We used Sophia Coppola’s super girly Blanc de Blanc


Of course, I made sure we were all properly red-lipped


Pink donuts of all sizes to bite on


QKEMYgl5vjQxa94FjO5rU1kvXSNbHXvf8MCdLn0aLAUWe all loved Rachael’s gorgeous gold-rimmed champagne coupes. Can you even?

IMG_0987And now, we get to making our DIY Valentine’s Day cards…

IMG_0961Crafting with champagne = the only way

tW06YXMddu0k1qq4-lKT9WW48mqaPkZtMIkWKs7rKdAMy masterpieces

_kRVrWG-NF2IssGh20VwuPn2XskQsH-CtG80rozh7GIHappy Valentine’s Day!


Jamie, Annette and Rachael

5 cool ways to upcycle your wine cork



It’s no secret that I like my wine and I’ve recently accumulated an entire bowl full of the used corks, and that’s also considering the fact that a good amount of wine bottle now have screw tops since there’s a cork shortage, apparently. Or maybe that’s just a rumor to scare the wine obsessors of the world, who knows.  Regardless, I’ve been thinking on cool ways to recycle all of my wine cork, and here are five of my favorite ideas:

wine cork DIY

I’m still making attempts at growing something (anything, really) on my balcony, but this wine cork ID tag is pretty good inspiration (image via ShineYourLightBlog.com)

wine cork DIY 2

My friend Devon made me one of these awhile back and they are SO awesome, it kinda hurts (image via TrendHunter.com)

wine cork diy 3

I love anything with an initial and this cork version would make a really nice addition to any mantle (image via GrowingUpGardner4.blogspot.com)

wine cork diy 4

I love, love these the most. How fun would it be to have a few of these in a nice bowl (image via FaveCrafts.com)

wine cork diy 5

My friend Kristen used wine cork place holders at her 30th birthday and they were a huge hit (image via Pinterest.com)

Weekend To-Do

matte french manicure

Try a matte black “French” manicure, inspired by YSL (image via Pinterest; directions via BangStyle.com)

gift card DIY

Start thinking up creative holiday gifts for your friends and family. I love this fun way to present a gift card! (image via LaurenConrad.com)

diy washer and dryer

OMG if you own your own washer and dryer, you NEED to do this (image via ABeautifulMess.com)


Try your hand at making a challenging cocktail, like this White Cosmopolitan (image via People.com)

the hunger games catching fire

Go see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- it opens TONIGHT! (image via IMDB.com)

green heels

Start shopping around for a festive pair of green heels for the holidays (image via StyleBistro.com)