Three Questions With Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski

Fact: BRAD GORESKI is one of the most likable guys in fashion.  If you watched The Zoe Project and then Brad’s spin-off, It’s a Brad Brad World, then you’re probably just as obsessed with him as I am and so when SUAVE offered me the chance to ask Brad a few questions, I naturally jumped at the chance.  Brad decided to partner with the beauty brand because he loves the glamour of the red carpet and awards season, and they’ve introduced products this year that embody just that.

Q: Can you tell us any insider info on who you’re styling for the Oscars and other awards shows that are coming up? 

A: I styled Lara Dern and Jenna Dewan-Tatum for the (Oscars) awards show last night. For Laura I chose a soft petal pink. Seeing her in such a romantic color was really exciting for me. It was a very edgy but beautiful. For Jenna we were going for a glamorous princess moment. As soon as she put this gown on we knew this was the one. It incorporated everything I love to see in a red carpet gown—drama, glitter and of course radiant, glowing skin. 

Q: Who’s your style inspiration right now and why? 

A: I would say Jared Leto. He’s got a coolness to his personality that seems to radiate through his personal look. Everything’s just so in sync. I also love Diane Kruger—she always seems to nail it no matter what she’s wearing. She’s got that ‘cool girl’ mentality that I love.

Q: If you could give your 22-year-old-self any advice, what would it be? 

A: It would be to enjoy your 20s but the best is yet to come!


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Three Questions With Cynthia Nixon


Anyone who reads this blog probably loooved the Sex and the City series and Miranda Hobbes was always one of my favorites.  Well now that the series is over, Cynthia Nixon (e.g. the real Miranda) has decided to help spread awareness about Rosacea, something I’ve mentioned on my blog a TON of times.  It’s crazy to think that nearly 16 million Americans suffer from the condition but only 78% even know what it IS…insane.  Rosacea is often mistaken for acne, but unfortunately acne treatments can make rosacea worse, but the good news is that seeing a derm can help can your rosacea under control (like mine).  Check out RosaceaFacts.com for more info and resources and, with out any further babbling, here are the three questions that I exclusively asked Cynthia:

Q: When did you first realize that you had rosacea and what did you do about it?

A: When I was in my 30’s, I started noticing that my cheeks would flush and blush and sometimes I would get pimples. I assumed it was acne that was coming back to haunt me from my teens. Once I spoke with my doctor I realized there were things that trigger my rosacea, like spicy foods and red wine, I knew what to avoid. She also gave me a prescription treatment to help manage my condition, which really helped get my rosacea under control.

Q: What are your favorite beauty products to use that help reduce inflammation and/or cover the redness?

A: I think what my dermatologist has really helped me identify is what I can do to help reduce flare-ups, rather than using make-up to cover it up. Some of that includes regularly using a prescription treatment, avoiding harsh cleansers and scrubs and my triggers, like red wine and spicy food.

Q: If you could give your 22-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

A: I think my advice would be to visit a dermatologist if there is something going on with your skin. Also, skin issues that pop-up as you age can’t be treated in the same manner as those you suffer from in your teens.


Three Questions With Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

You may have already read my review of the new adorable film About Time (out November 8th!), but I was also lucky enough to also interview the lovely Rachel McAdams.  Here are my three questions with the movie lead.

Q: If you could go back in time, what would you change?

A: I wouldn’t go back and paraglide.  I was thinking about that the other day, those mistakes you wouldn’t make again, yes.  No, that one, I really wouldn’t do that again, yes.  That was terrifying.

Q: What’s something that you’d want to relive?

A: My dad had to go away for work sometimes, and we recorded on our little Fisher Price recorder a tape for him to put in his truck when he was driving.  And we sang jingles from our favorite cartoons.  And they both had big spaces between their teeth when they were little.  And my brother, I’ll never forget this, singing Thunder Cats, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats.  And it was so cute.

Q: How did it feel to play a time traveler’s wife again?

A: Well, I didn’t know anything about time travel in this one, so…ignorance was bliss in this one.  It’s funny.  I don’t know what that’s about.  Subconsciously, I’m going towards time travel all the time but I’m never the time traveler.


Three Questions With Kristen Bell (Video)

Ugggh, every time she speaks, I love her THAT much more.  Kristen Bell has been one of my favorites since the days of Veronica Mars and when she signed on to be a Neutrogena Naturals spokesperson, it pretty much sealed the deal that she’s the coolest person EVER.  Check out the video to hear my three questions with Kristen and make sure to visit Neutrogena’s Facebook page to learn more about their “Every Drop Counts” campaign.  The campaign kicked off on October 2, when Kristen led a volunteer clean-up event at the Ballona Wetlands right here in Southern California- LOVE.

Neutrogena will contribute 10% of the purchase price of each Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cleanser sold to The Nature Conservancy during the month of October, which is very, very cool of them.

Three Questions With Twink Caplan (a.k.a Miss Geist from Clueless!)


Q: What’s your favorite memory from filming “Clueless” and what’s your worst memory?

A: My on-screen wedding day!  I negotiated (pleaded) with my BFF and the director/writer, Amy Heckerling, to be my other bridesmaid along with Alicia.  Being in front of the camera was her least favorite thing, next to wearing pink, but she did it for me.  Carl Gottlieb, my male BFF (writer of JAWS, etc) was the minister who married Wallace Shawn and me.   Amy wrote a scene we didn’t end up using — Alicia (Cher’s) dream/nightmare of Paul Rudd and I getting married too.  So I got to marry and kiss both Wally and Paul.  Mona May designed my exquisite gown from scratch…it was stunning and I had to use an old fashioned “slant board” because I couldn’t sit in it!  Watching the fighting over my bouquet was hilarious, and the entire day felt like a real wedding.  There was no worse day on the film…We had a refreshing cast with energy and optimism.  We filmed in L.A. and were able to create jobs and opportunities all around town.  Amy’s script was clever and inventive and watching it come to fruition was sweet.

photo copy

Q: What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

A: Don’t fall in love with more than one guy at a time and the friends you make before 30 may be your friends for life.  Try to choose wisely.  Some friendships are gambles.  Know when to cut your losses.

Q: What’s your favorite line from “Clueless”?

A: Cher is talking to Tai and Dionne about virginity, and says “You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.”


Special thanks to my colorist, Erick from ItsJustBeauty.com and Sally Hershberger, (also Twink’s colorist!) for hooking me up with this amazing interview.


Three Questions With Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos-1

Q. What made you decide to partner with Philips Sonicare and Zoom?

I believe in the product and am obsessed with the toothbrush!

Q. If you could give your 22-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

Life and career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Prepare yourself mentally and physically AND BE PATIENT while running the race.

Q. What are your top three must-have beauty products and why?

Cargo face powder, L’Oreal Paris mascara, and Too Faced cream blush. These are great to have while on the go, because with just a little bit of each (including using the cream blush also as a lipgloss), you get a fresh look instantly!

Three Questions With LaLa Anthony


Q: What made you decide to partner with Caress?

I partnered with Caress as a Fabulista to show women how fragrance can inspire them to live fabulously every day. All year long, I share my top style and beauty tips for looking and feeling fabulous on the brand’s facebook page – starting with fine fragrance. For me, fragrance is an essential part of any look because it sets the tone for my day, from how I feel to what I wear. The new Caress Tempting Whisper Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash has such alluring fragrances and has been inspiring me to wear so many hot trends this season from floral print dresses to bold pink accessories. With these tips, I want to inspire women to step outside of their comfort zone and flaunt their fabulous style confidently.

Q: What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

I would tell my 22-year-old self to have fun because time flies. But to also think carefully before making decisions because at that age the decisions you make can definitely impact your life.

Q: What’s your fashion must-have of the moment?

My fashion must-have of the moment is a neon pump. It can either play up or play down an outfit. Everyone should have a pair!