Tuesday Web Candy

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Tuesday Web Candy

girl with wine glass

Beauty apps are the new Uber and I, apparently, need to try ALL of them – Byrdie.com

In case you missed it, here’s my San Diego 6 “Wake Up San Diego” beauty segmentSanDiego6.com

This is a must-read if you like wine; I’ve always been really confused about how to pour a proper glass of wineFitSugar.com

DYING because my friend Shauna’s next line of PennyChic dresses will be available on the 2nd! Find out more HEREPennyChic.com

Luxe bathrooms are the new THING. I can’t stop looking – TheLuxurySpot.com


Tuesday Web Candy

Jamie Stone and Nadine Jolie at VMAs

Fake hair had a BIG (literally) moment at the VMAs on Sunday. And speaking of fake hair, check out mine here and here. – NYMag.com

I’m loving this roundup of The Glitter Guide’s favorite American-made products, in honor of Labor Day – TheGlitterGuide.com

Care packages = a college student’s dream – BuzzFeed.com

How to stop being a tired mess on Mondays…reading this at least 5 times – Refinery29.com

I LOVE Chipotle but these people love Chipotle just a LITTLE BIT too muchTheLuxurySpot.com

I LOVE Etsy but it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Catherine’s Etsy Elite series is always a favorite of mine – TheLifeStyledBlog.com


Tuesday Web Candy

teen spirit deodorant

The image on this post reminded me of the fact that I used to use Teen Spirit deodorant in high school. Amazing – Rouge18.com

So this is pretty awesome…NCLA launched a new app where you can upload your Instagram photos and make custom nail wraps – iTunes.com

Get Beyonce’s skirt. Done deal – TheBudgetBabe.com

If you have a ton of USB cords, this Aphrodite USB hub is pretty awesome – Domino.com

Jenny’s engagement party photos are to die for. So gorgeous – MargoandMe.com

Big news! You can download the ebook version of Shauna’s new book (out next month!) – PennyChic.com


Tuesday Web Candy

chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen really IS queen of the cool girls, and here’s why – NYMag.com

Loving this post on 23 secret uses for everyday beauty products. We can ALL use these! – Byrdie.com

Everyone knows the whole “friends with benefits” thing NEVER works. Here are a few things that are better (sarcasm ahead) – ManRepeller.com

My budget beauty buy of the weekTheBudgetBabe.com

I’m still in shock that Robin Williams is really gone and this Twitter tribute is pretty great – Refinery29.com

Really digging this blog that I just discovered! – AtHomeInLove.com