Tuesday Web Candy

apple cider martini

It’s no secret that i enjoy mixing apple cider and vodka so this cocktail is RIGHT up my alley – StyleWithinReach.net

Cute toothpaste? So rare, yet so awesome – Rouge18.com

Shauna’s PennyChic Collection is officially for sale! – PennyChic.com

The rules of applying your makeup while on the subway…FINALLY – Allure.com

If you’re having a bad day, look at these pics of kittens and their mom cats. #Meow – Refinery29.com

Loving this quiz about what each emoji actually means. I got most of them wrong – BuzzFeed.com

Some good workout motivation for the majorly lazy (like myself) – Byrdie.com

Blake Lively is pregnant so let’s all get ready for one of the best-looking babies EVER – eonline.com

Get a Rag & Bone sweater look-a-like for less. Done deal – TheBudgetBabe.com

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