Tuesday Web Candy

teen spirit deodorant

The image on this post reminded me of the fact that I used to use Teen Spirit deodorant in high school. Amazing – Rouge18.com

So this is pretty awesome…NCLA launched a new app where you can upload your Instagram photos and make custom nail wraps – iTunes.com

Get Beyonce’s skirt. Done deal – TheBudgetBabe.com

If you have a ton of USB cords, this Aphrodite USB hub is pretty awesome – Domino.com

Jenny’s engagement party photos are to die for. So gorgeous – MargoandMe.com

Big news! You can download the ebook version of Shauna’s new book (out next month!) – PennyChic.com

I have a confession: I’m mildly obsessed with quirky kitchen gadgets…I need ALL OF THEM – Brit.co

Tons of great photography tips in this post! – ABeautifulMess.com

Gucci is launching their FIRST EVER beauty line and I can NOT wait – Allure.com

Loving this roundup of great places to shop for home goodsTheGlitterGuide.com

Giant hornets as pets? Japan, you never cease to amaze me – TheLuxurySpot.com

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