Rating 5 Celebrity Wines

Rating 5 Celebrity Wines

Today’s celebrity wine rating post was basically inspired by a combination of TikTok and the pandemic; it’s true – soooo many of us have been drinking at home for the past year and, I don’t know about you guys, but I started to get realllll creative with some of my alcohol orders, lol.  At one point I was doing orders by country (still laughing out loud as I type this) because I feel like I traveled the world from my couch after trying new wines from Spain, New Zealand, Italy and France.  Not to mention my trip to Mexico with two new tequilas (fun fact: I still like Casamigos best for margaritas; sipping tequila is a different story).

Anywho, as I did research for this blog post on which celeb wines I wanted to try, I learned one kind of crazy fact: there are DOZENS of celebrity wine brands.

Like ones you’ve probably never even heard of.

I sent several screen shots to my friend Gaby, who is a former People reporter and clearly knows her celeb info, and even she was shocked at some of them.  But, that said, I selected five that are totally on brand for HJ readers and I’m very curious to hear what you guys think so make to sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Oh and btw- I ordered all five of these wines online since I’m trying to be COVID safe.  If you want to try any (or all) of these, and have them shipped directly to you, use my referral link HERE – you’ll get $30 off your first order!


Holiday Gift Guide: The best gifts for co-workers

the best gifts for co workers


Buying a gift for someone you may or may not know can be a little awkward, which is why I tend to stick to general gifts that almost ANYONE will love.  When it comes to giving a holiday gift to the random lady in Accounting that you barely know, these gifts will all be a hit.

1. Wine// Almost everyone likes a bottle of wine.  Depending on the budget limit, you can even get them one white and one red, so everyone wins.

2. Nice Candy// There are a ton of great candy options these days. I’m particularly partial to Sugarfina since their candy is amazing quality and the packaging is super cute.

3. Monogram Stationary// You don’t need to know much about a person for this (aside from their first name), and most people don’t buy themselves nice stationary, so it’s a nice treat.

4. Chic Office Supplies// Even though most jobs supply the office supplies, they’re usually pretttty boring.  These fabric-covered thumb tacks will brighten up any office or cubicle (YUCK).

5. A Relaxation Candle// Lavender is a calming scent that’s perfect to burn while you’re under deadline or stressed out with too much work to do.

6. A Gift Card for Coffee// As a last resort, a simple coffee gift card is a no-fail gift that even non coffee drinkers can use!  Hi, Starbucks has amazing oatmeal.

Announcement: I’m one of the Savvy Seven Bloggers for 7 Daughters wine

7 daughters wine

My love for all things wine is never-ending, which is why I was stoked when 7 Daughters Wine approached me to be one of their Savvy Seven Bloggers and, more specifically, their Balanced Life Blogger.  7 Daughters wants to help their customers add a splash of color to their lives with some great fashion, beauty, decor, cooking tips, etc. and I’m so excited to be a part of it!  Make sure you stay tuned over the next few months, as I’ll be posting content to their Facebook and Pinterest page.

Official PR Newswire announcement is HERE.

Sponsored post: Picnic Essentials

The weather is finally starting to warm up, at least for most of the country. It’s funny because, here in LA, the weather is honestly heaven for most of the year, yet I hardly ever picnic.  This summer, I’m 100% dedicated to at least a few picnics, and I’ve found a few “essentials,” at least according to me.  No one wants to carry a ton, so I tried to keep this list to the bare minimum.

A picnic basket: For obvious reasons…you need something cute (and functional) to hold snacks, blankets, wine, etc.

Wine glass holders: I discovered these a few years back and guys, they are brilliant.  They work in grass and sand, so all your options are covered.

A picnic blanket: No one wants to sit in the grass so make sure to always have a lightweight blanket, which will also prevent grass stains.

Blackbox wine: Ok, so you may have seen my video a few weeks back where I RAVED about boxed wine or, more specifically, Blackbox wine.  Up until that point, I had actually never even had boxed wine before and I was shocked to find out how delicious (and convenient!) it is to drink wine from a box.  I put the box of white immediately in my fridge so it would stay chilled and just refilled as necessary.  What’s great is that they also have smaller versions, so you don’t have to carry a big box around for picnics.  I found a new summer obsession…

Available in ten delicious varietals and two sizes (3L and Tetra), Black Box Wine is pretty amazing; Black Box Wines is perfect for all your summer gatherings.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Black Box Wines. The opinions and text are all mine.

5 Best Bottles of Cheap Wine

5 best cheap wines


It’s not that I don’t appreciate a quality glass of vino (or champagne, for that matter), but there are just SO MANY amazing wines out there, that are cheap, so why always spend big bucks?  Am I right?

Bella Sera Pinot Grigio: I discovered this brand a few years back, in New York, basically cause  liked the name: “beautiful night.”  Since then, I’ve converted friends who even don’t really like white wine.

Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet: I discovered this wine right here in good old California (it’s a Cali vineyard) and picked it up PURELY because it’s supposed to taste like red velvet.  I’m not a big red wine fan…I don’t hate it, but I’ll always opt for white, so I tried it 100% because it promises to taste like dessert.  And it DOES.  This wine is SO GOOD.  Hands down, one of my favorites.

SkinnyGirl California White Blend: I’m a big fan of the SkinnyGirl margarita so I assumed that I would also like Bethenny’s wines…and I was right.  It’s delish AND low-calorie.

Cavit Riesling: Aaaaah, Cavit.  My New York roomies and I would refer to this as “the big bottle.”  You know the one.  It’s the bottle that you pick up after that extra-long day at the office, or after that extra-unnecessary fight that you just had with your boyfriend.  Love it.